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“Amazing” N8 Mattson Retires

Michigan’ finest from L to R: Jimmy Jacobs, Truth Martini,
N8 Mattson, and Zach Gowen

Tonight I found that one of the men I respect a lot in the wrestling business and someone I have had the pleasure of talking to  and have gotten to know a little bit has retired due to injuries. His journey began on November 24th 1996 and he never looked back. He is one of the all time greatest pro wrestlers ever on any kind of scene.Before I begin talking about his resume here is is a statement Pro Wrestling Insider released:

“N8 Mattson, a long time fixture in the Mid-Western independent scene, announced that he was retiring effective immediately, having wrestled his final match against Kid Hybrid on 12/9. Well liked in that area, Mattson was trained by the Can-Am Wrestling School and was very involved with helping a number of local talents improve and network. He was very influential in the early careers of the Motor City Machineguns as well. Mattson wrote on his Facebook Page that he would be working backstage for Metro Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Ohio but was done as an in-ring performer.”

Anyone who ever made it big in wrestling out of Michigan the last 15 years had to go through N8 Mattson. He just that good. Here are some of the men he has wrestled in his time:

Petey Williams, Chris SABIN (Mattson trained) Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Zach Gowen, Truth Martini, Jimmy Jacobs, Shark Boy, Alex Shelley, Shannon Moore, Sabu, Bobby Roode, Marty Jannetty, AJ Styles, Nigel McGuinness, Colt Cabana, Shark Boy, Simon Diamond, Spike Dudley, Pat Tanaka, Jerry Lynn, Buff Bagwell, Cody Deaner, Matt Cross, Chance Prophet, and Robbie McAllister

Mattson has wrestled for WWE and TNA countless times and has held over titles in his fifteen year career. His contributions to Michigan Independent Wrestling are endless. Nate Mattson’s career in the ring might be over but he still has a place in pro wrestling with lots of opportunity to mentor younger wrestlers and give them lessons from the knowledge he has acquired.
My personal favorite memory of N8 Mattson dates back to January 2010 at CWM’s Anniversary show. He was taking on Tommy Titus for the CWM Heavyweight title. I had the privilage to commentate that match as it went down and witness one of the best matches that Grand Rapids, Michigan has ever seen. He is one of the most polite, respectful and kind people I’ve been able to get to know. 
I am hoping to bring you an interview on his thoughts of what he’s done in his career. For now, I tip my hat to the Amazing N8 Mattson and say thank you for a career and a job well done. We will always remember just how Amazing you were and still are. 

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