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Open Letter to the Small Market NBA Owners

To NBA Owners in Small Markets:

This week you have been the subject of controversy regarding Chris Paul being shipped to the Lakers as well as the possibility of Dwight Howard. Lets look at the proposed trade you all think is bad. If the trade went down here is what it looks like:

Lakers would get:
Chris Paul

Rockets would get:
Pau Gasol

Hornets would get:
 Kevin Martin, Lamar Odom and Luis Scola. Plus they would get a 2012 1st Round Pick.
If you do not allow the trade to happen you hurt the Hornets in the long run. Chris Paul is a free agent at the end of the season and the Hornets would get nothing. As far as Dwight Howard goes, he is headed to the Nets so no worries Dan Gilbert, the Lakers aren’t going to dominate everyone. 
Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has been whining all week about all of this and my message to him is, it’s not the Lakers fault that you couldnt build a team around LeBron James and keep him happy there. Why should the other 31 teams suffer due to your mistakes and mismanagement? There would be no such thing as a small market if owners would spend the money to get the players. If teams had the players then people would come to watch. For example if the Sonics would have had a good team people would have come to watch.
It’s actually a simple formula folks. Your results are based on what you put into your product. If you don’t put a lot in, you’re not going to get a lot back. If you put a lot in, you’re going to get a lot back. It’s been that way with every sports team since I’ve been alive and watching sports. It’s all very simple and it’s not rocket science. So instead of crying about what the Lakers are doing, get off your thick wallets and do something to compete with them. 

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