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Daniel Bryan: The Attitude of a Heel

Daniel Bryan outsmarted all the big men of the
WWE Universe

At the TLC Pay-Per-View, Daniel Bryan cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against the Big Show 45 seconds after the Big Show defeated Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship. A lot of people were genuinely happy to see the smaller but talented Bryan win his first World Championship in the WWE.

Over the last few weeks Daniel Bryan has shown more attitude and cockiness then he has in his whole time in the WWE. A lot of people are starting to show sympathy for the Big Show and hatred for Daniel Bryan. Bryan has repeatedly taunted Mark Henry over several weeks and has even cost him matches.

This past Friday, Bryan defended the title against Big Show and purposely instigated a fight with Mark Henry to cause a DQ. When the match was over Daniel Bryan received a chorus of boo’s as the WWE Universe realized what he was up to.

For those who always criticize WWE’s creative writers, I think this time they acted brilliantly. Normally the big men don’t get the sympathy but now the people feel for the Big Show. He hasn’t had a lengthy title reign in nine long years. Mark Henry has also been nursing an injury so some people are feeling for him as well.

I like the current direction that the title picture is going right now. A lot of people don’t like Daniel Bryan’s attitude now but I think it’s great. Keep staying tune for more on Daniel Bryan’s title reign. The Royal Rumble and the Road to Wrestlemania is right around the corner.

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