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Is the Big 10 Conference a Force Again?

Despite the problems that Ohio State and Penn State have had in the last year the Big 10 Conference has a lot to look forward to in the coming years ahead. The Big  10 has a good showing this year in the Bowl games especially MSU and U of M. When you win bowl games and championships it makes student athletes want to go to your school more.

Although Ohio State has a one year ban on going to any bowl games I believe having Urban Meyer as head coach is going to do wonders for him. He proved how good he could do down in Florida so once the ban is over watch it over.

Coaching is a reason you should attend MSU because of their stability in the coaching staff. Coaches Tom Izzo Mark Dantonio. Both coaches have been around a long time and produce winning teams on a consistent basis. Keeping a coach around is important to structure and culture of a team. You cant change coaches every 3 to 4 years and expect to produce winning results.

As far as U of M goes, they were struggling in basketball and have been struggling in football but now things seem to be turned around for both sports. Winning a BCS bowl game will help Michigan with recruiting and show student athletes that if you go to Michigan you’re going to win.

Other schools like Wisconsin and Nebraska are in the hunt every year and can change the landscape of any BCS title picture at any given moment. Teams that are going to struggle but have the potential to turn it around are Iowa, Northwestern, Minnesota, Penn State, Purdue, Illinois and Indiana. All of these teams have some sports they are good at, and then some they are not good at. I believe each of these schools have the ability to turn it around.

Only time will tell to see if the Big 10 Conference can get back into the spotlight and be dominant. I think this year was the starting point for it to happen. In the next five years we will be talking about the Big 10 like they talk about the SEC and Pac-10 now.

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