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Major WWE Pay-Per-View Changes in 2012

With the first WWE pay-per-view of 2012 almost here there are two major changes to talk about. There will no longer Money in the Bank. Here is the schedule for WWE pay-per-views in 2012.

+Royal Rumble – January 29th – St. Louis
+Elimination Chamber – February 19th – Milwaukee
+ WrestleMania 28 – April 1st – Miami
+ Extreme Rules – April 29th – Chicago
+ Over The Limit – May 20th – Raleigh
+ Fatal 4 Way – June 17th – Toronto
+TLC – July 15th – Las Vegas
+ Night of Champions – September 23rd – Dallas
+Hell in a Cell – October 28th – Philadelphia
+ Survivor Series – November 18th – Phoenix
+ Bragging Rights – December 16th – Memphis

As you can see Bragging Rights, and Fatal Four Way are back while The Bash, Vengeance and Money in the Bank have been removed. It is been reported that the Money in the Bank ladder match will be back at Wrestlemania and possibly a second one at TLC. 
The other change as right now is Direct TV and WWE are currently under a contract dispute. I contacted my local Buffalo Wild Wings who shows WWE pay-per-views and this is the message I recieved back,  ” We know it is an inconvenience that we will not be carrying WWE but unfortunately there is currently a dispute between WWE and DirecTV which has caused a major inflation in cost. We encourage fans to contact WWE directly to voice their disappointment and will keep you updated as things progress.”
All I can say this is could really hurt the PPV market because so many sports bars show WWE events and those numbers could go down. In the end the WWE, Direct TV and the sports bars who show the events. This is a bad business deal on all fronts and needs to be resolved. 
Stay tuned for more on this current issue between WWE and Direct TV. Be sure to go to to see if your local sports is effected. 

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