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Rumblings and Results from the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble

What path will Sheamus take on his
 Road to Wrestlemania?

Tonight was the 25th Anniversary of the Royal Rumble and the beginning of the Road to Wrestlemania. I have a lot of mixed emotions about tonights Rumble pay-per-view and the opening match was part of it. The opening was the triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Title between Big Show, Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan. The start of the match was excellent and thought out brilliant but I feel the match ended very quickly and abruptly without a lot of dramatic flare to it. Daniel Bryan retained his title and kept this heel heat going. 

They had a special 8 Diva tag match in which Kelly Kelly got booed and pinned by Beth Phoenix. I am disappointed that more focus was not put on Natalya and Tamina who have had some great matches lately. I really think Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Taminia in a 3 way dance for the Divas title at some point. The other surprise match was Drew McIntyre being squashed by Brodus Clay. I really thought Brodus should have been in the Rumble match. 
For all the John Cena and Zack Ryder fans out there, tonight was not your not. Something big is going to happen with Kane. Kane has been on the warpath and it seems like no one can stop him. Cena did not turn heel and embrace the hate like everyone thought. Lets face it though, Cena will have to turn before he faces The Rock at Wrestlemania 28.
The best match of the night was the WWE Title match between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. I am really surprised with the direction they took the match with Johnny Ace’s involvement. Ziggler has proven a lot over the last year. He’s the modern day Mr. Perfect who belongs in the spotlight and deserves to have a World Championship someday. Punk retains the title but who will he face at Wrestlemania?
Now onto the Rumble match. The first half of the Rumble match did not interest me with the majority of the first 15. The majority of the first 15 had no business being in the Royal Rumble. They should have had legends or big superstars who have been out make a return. Don’t agree with me look at the list.
1. The Miz

2. Alex Riley
3. R-Truth
4. Cody Rhodes
5. Justin Gabriel
6. Primo
7. Mick Foley
8. Ricardo Rodriguez
9. Santino Marella
10. Epico
11. Kofi Kingston
12. Jerry “The King” Lawler
13. Ezekiel Jackson
14. Jinder Mahal
15. The Great Khali

The highlights for me in the first half of the Rumble were Ricardo pretending to be Alberto Del Rio, and Socko vs. the Cobra. Mick Foley and Santino had some great comedy in it. The second half of the Rumble is when it started to pick and that had some huge surprises in it as well.

16. Hunico
17. Booker T
18. Dolph Ziggler
19. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
20. Michael Cole
21. Kharma
22. Sheamus
23. The Road Dogg
24. Jey Uso
25. Jack Swagger
26. Wade Barrett
27. David Otunga
28. Randy Orton
29. Chris Jericho
30. Big Show
The two big ones for me were Road Dogg coming and Kharma making her return. I also thought it was great how all three commentators were in the match at one point. The final two came down to Sheamus and Chris Jericho. I honestly did not expect this but it was a classic finish and at the end of the night Sheamus won the Royal Rumble and is headed to Wrestlemania.
All in all it was a solid show, with a few disappointments and some great moments, like Kofi Kingstons handstand spot in the Rumble. I expect some big things to happen the next few months some of final guys that were involved. 
With the Royal Rumble finally taking place, this means the beginning of Hollywood’s World of Sports coverage of the Road to Wrestlemania 28. There will be a weekly video of each week recapping the road and path superstars will take. It will also talk about the storylines and matches being made for Wrestlemania 28. To tune go to for all the videos. 
The Grandest Stage where the showcase of the immortals happens is two months away and the journey started tonight with Royal Rumble. Who’s career will become immortal on the Road to Wrestlemania?

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