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Thoughts on Joe Paterno’s Passing

The quote I read on Facebook sums it up best. “Penn State, Jerry Sandusky, and ESPN murdered Joe Paterno.” Joe Paterno passed away this past Sunday from complications that he had with cancer treatment. Although cancer was the reason of his passing, I believe Paterno did die of a broken heart and lost the will to live after the Penn State scandal that came out just a few short months ago. The way Penn State handled his dismissal was a slap in the face towards everything he did for that University. I honestly hope every last member of the Penn State board of directors gets voted off and has no assocation with the Penn State.

As far as Jerry Sandusky goes, his name shouldn’t even be mentioned in memorials for Joe Paterno. He is the reason all of this has happened to the Paterno family, Penn State and those kids he scarred for life. He is a useless, worth pedophile that needs to be in jail and taken care of properly. People need to stop associating the two because Paterno did what he thought he had to do by telling who he thought were the right people. Jerry Sandusky sexually abused childeren, NOT JOE PATERNO.

Lastly I am digusted with the sports media on their coverage on Paterno. When the scandal went down they all made him out to be a horrible person for what someone else did. Now that he passed away he is a legend and a hero again. I am sorry but thats hypcrocacy at it’s best. You condemn him, then you praise him. I thought Joe Paterno was and always will be legend.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the numbers. Records were found on College Football Data Warehouse

Coaching Record
Overall 409–136–3
Bowls 24–12–1

2 National (1982, 1986)
3 Big Ten (1994, 2005, 2008)

Most Division I-A/FBS wins (409)
Most bowl wins (24)

He won numerous awards and accomplished a lot of great things. Joe Paterno did so much for Penn State and other charitable organizations. He should be remembered for all the great things he did, not the horrible acts of another human being. Joe Paterno was loved by all, and will be remembered by many. My prayers and condolences go out to the Paterno family, and those at Penn State who supported Joe Paterno. Everyone  should be remembered a life that lived well and to the fullest. We will never forget you JoePa. 

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