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Bring Back an NFL-WWE Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 29

It has been announced that on April 7th 2013, Wrestlemania 29 will be taking place at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey which is the home of the NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets. Let me bring you back to Wrestlemania 2 which featured an NFL-WWE Battle Royal. Some of the names in the match included William Perry, and Bill Fralic. Andre the Giant won the match but no one ever forgot how tough the NFL players proved to be.

If I was booking Wrestlemania 29 I would have a 20 man Battle Royal like they did at Wrestlemania 2. I would have 10 WWE Superstars, 5 Giants and 5 Jets in this Battle Royal. Considering how big of rivals these two teams are, it would make for a great confrontation. A lot of athletes of over the years have competed and participated at Wrestlemania. Some of those athletes include Lawrence Taylor, Floyd Mayweather, Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, and many more from the world of sports.

If I had to pick 5 Giants and 5 Jets it would be hard but obviously they would have to lineman because we all know those QB’s, RB’s and WR’s wouldn’t risk it for a thrill.

From the Giants I would pick:
Jason Pierre-Paul
Justin Tuck
Osi Umenyiora
Chase Blackburn
Johnathan Goff

From the Jets I would pick:
Calvin Pace
Sione Pouha
Nick Mangold
Bart Scott
David Harris

From the WWE I would pick:
The Great Khali
Jinder Mahal
Zack Ryder
Brooklyn Brawler
David Otunga
Ezekiel Jackson
Mason Ryan
Ron Simmons
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Mick Foley

Now you’re probably asking yourself why I chose the WWE list I did. Either because they are big man, from New York did play in the NFL at some point. Both Duggan and Simmons played in the NFL. Foley and Ryder make sense because of their New York and New Jersey roots.

Some way somehow the WWE needs to have the Giants and Jets involved with Wrestlemania 29. I think bringing back an NFL-WWE Battle Royal would be perfect. Wrestlemania 29 is going bring in 62 million dollars in revenue to New Jersey according to numerous sources. It’s going to be great to watch Wrestlemania 29 at Metlife Stadium in 2013.

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