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Bring Back John Cena: Basis Thuganomics Version

The Doctor of Thuganomics at the height
of his populatiry

When it comes to John Cena and the last eight years there hasn’t been much to cheer about. This past Monday we got to see first hand why so many people loved him but now dislike him tremendously. Cena made his WWE debut in 2004 with nothing but a blue collar work ethic and a good look. It was in late 2002 into early 2003 where we started hearing terms like Basic Thuganomics, Word Life, and many unique catchphrases.

The John Cena that came out on a weekly basis was a brash, trash talking, and rebellious superstar. He didn’t care who he insulted or how bad it was. His freestyle raps were what got his feuds over and got him to the top within a two year span.

When he won the WWE Championship in 2005, he slowly dropped the Basic Thuganomics gimmick and became a corporate puppet for WWE. Now a days its all about Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. Then there is Rise Above Hate. These are all great messages but they don’t belong with John Cena. I am also bothered by the fact he salutes the crowd like he’s in the Armed Forces. He’s not a Marine, he’s not a soldier and he’s a Navy Seal. He is John Cena, a great freestyle rapper on the mic with a great worth ethic. John Cena is not the fanciest wrestler or even has the most technical skill. However when he was doing Basic Thuganomics it didn’t matter what his in ring work was like because people embraced him. People embraced him this past Monday when he came out to his old music, old look and old attitude.

I truly believe if John Cena wants to get back to the height and prime of his popularity WWE has to let him go back to the old ways. I believe the Cena we saw on Monday is who he really is. I’ve often noticed when WWE lets a superstar have some say in what they do they end up being a megastar. Some examples I can give are The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, and Triple. None of these stars were handed ridiculous and cheesy gimmicks. They were given once chance to be themselves and let their mic  skills and in ring work do the talking.

So I say to John Cena and WWE, bring back Basic Thuganomics, the Chain-gang and all the things we once loved about John Cena.

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