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Payton and Williams Should be Banned for Saints Bounty Program

Everyone is talking about it, from the sports word , non-sports journalists, politicians and celebrities. From 2009 to 2011 Gregg Williams, the defensive coordinator for the Saints through those years held what some call an illegal bounty fund.  The bounty fund paid players for causing injuries to opponents that would result in those players leaving the game. It is widely now known as Bountygate. Everyone from the players to the GM knew about it. Sean Payton and Saints GM Mickey Loomis have both been apologetic but Williams has failed to comment on the matter.

I personally think Loomis, Payton and Williams need to be banned from the league for life. Along with that, I believe any player involved in these bounties should be suspended for a year. It is one thing to play hard, and be competitive but to put others lives at stake is just wrong. The Saints are also in danger of being stripped of a lot of draft picks. If the Saints are stripped of picks it is going to have serious and long enduring repercussions.

A lot of people are now saying that Williams ran similiar programs as defensive coordinator Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins and as head coach of the Buffalo Bills. It makes you wonder what other teams are running such programs and just haven’t been caught yet. It is believed that 27 defensive players from the Saints were involved in the program. For those 27, they could be facing a lot of punishment and it definitely puts a black mark on their careers.

The Saints Bounty Program could have long term consequences for everyone in the NFL. If the rules weren’t strict before about how you hit someone, they will be now.  Stay tuned for more on this very controversial subject.

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