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Review of MLB 12 The Show

This week I have had the opportunity to play MLB 12 The Show on PS3. I have to say the presentation of this game is absolutely phenomenal. I played a friend in exhibition mode with myself being the Miami Marlins and he being the Detroit Tigers. The players look so real, the fan interaction is very fun to watch and the realism of how the game is played is dead on.

For you Miami fans, you are in for a treat with your new colors, new players and new stadium. This is why I picked Miami for the reason that I wanted to see all the changes they underwent through the off season.

My friend picked the Tigers due to the potent lineup they have. I have to say hitting against Verlander and pitching against the Tigers lineup is a challenge. However my friend had to contend with me pitching as Mark Buehrle who still has a lot left. The strengths and weaknesses of each team really played out in the game and the score ended up 1-0 with the Tigers winning.

We then examined the Home Run Derby which was a lot of fun. I also have to mention that the rosters are really deep in this game. They have MLB, Triple A, and Double A teams. There are so many features to explore in this game, it will take you hours to get through everything you would want to get through.

If you are a baseball fan this game is a must own. It has everything a baseball could want in this day in age of technology. MLB 12 recently came out so the rosters might not be exactly accurate. However if you have online capabilities the rosters will update when you get online updates. So go to the store today and pick up MLB 12 The Show.

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