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Kick the New Orleans Saints Out of the NFL

During in this NFL off-season, it’s been marred by controversy revolving around the New Orleans Saints. It started with the bounty scandal which uncovered players being told to intentionally hurt opposing players and receiving bonuses if they were successful. Roger Goodell punished the Saints heavily and made an example out of them that this type of thing will not be tolerated.

Now we fast forward a month later and another scandal has been uncovered. It is being reported that Saints GM Mickey Loomis wire tapped the opposing teams locker-rooms and sidelines when the Saints played home games. Not only does this violate the NFL policies, it also violates state and federal laws.

I think it’s kind of funny that the Saints were once America’s favorite team after Hurricane Katrina and now they have become one of the most vilified teams in sports. I know owner Tom Benson has had little to do with this but I believe the other league owners should vote to disband the New Orleans and kick them out of the NFL. There is no room in professional sports for this garbage. These athletes and front office people make millions of dollars and now they feel need to cheat. I am sure every team tries to get some sort of advantage but you know it’s bad when you’re break state and federal laws.

I really hope the Saints get punished even more. I really think they should be stripped of draft picks for 3 years. They do not deserve the right to get new and younger players. As a player I would not want to play for the Saints and have all the negative attention put on my team.

I believe the Saints need to be out of the NFL and the people involved in these scandals should be banned for life. I have seen and heard of a lot of scandals and cheating but this tops the list. My advice to owner Tom Benson would be to shut down the team or sell it. This will tarnish your legacy as a owner and people aren’t going to want to do business with you..

There is no room for the Saints in the NFL. They have cheated the game, put players health at risk and they don’t show any remorse for it. If I was Commissioner Goodell the Saints wouldn’t be coming or marching in. They would be going and marching out.

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