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Planning Wrestlemania 29…A Year Early

With all the hype of Wrestlemania 28 being done and over with, you now have the hype of Wrestlemania 29 to look forward to the next year. If I was a creative writer for WWE and had my way of what Wrestlemania 29 would like it would be filled with everything. It would have a lot less backstage and and wasteful segments. It would be non-stop action and have a little bit of everything that people would want to see. Here is how my Wrestlemania 29 card would turn out if it happened:

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs.  CM Punk
John Cena vs. The Undertaker
World Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton vs. Del Rio
Cruiserweight Title Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio
Tag Team Title Match: Uso’s vs. Epico/Primo vs. Swagger/Ziggler vs. Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel
Batista vs. Ryback
United States Title Ladder Match: Christian vs. Santino vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sheamus vs. Lord Tensai vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Miz (7 countries represented)
Intercontential Title Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan
6-Man Monsters Tag Match: Big Show/Great Khali/Brodus Clay vs. Mark Henry/Kane/Jinder Mahal

Battle Royal featuring New York Jets, New York Giants, and WWE Superstars

I think if we had a Wrestlemania where all the titles are on the line and every match means something it would be the biggest and best Wrestlemania of all time. Wrestlemania 29 needs to be huge considering it’s location and how big the advertising and marketing will be for it. This is my Wrestlemania dream card and I think it would be a good one. Let me know what yours is.
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