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The Historical Occurrences in Pro Wrestling

Flair, Christian, Awesome and Tazz all have
 something in common

At TNA Slammiversary 10, WWE superstar and current Intercontinental Champion Christian appeared on their Pay-Per-View making him the first ever WWE contracted wrestler to appear on TNA programming. However this is not the first time something of this nature has happened in pro wrestling. The first time it happen was in April 2000.

Mike Awesome did while still under contract and was the current ECW Heavyweight Champion. He showed up on WCW Nitro and attacked Kevin Nash. Many days later Mike Awesome defended the ECW Championship against Tazz. At the time Tazz was a contracted WWE superstar and by the time the match took place Mike Awesome was a contracted WCW superstar. It was a WWE wrestler vs. a WCW wrestler for the ECW Championship at a live ECW event. Tazz went on to win the match and title. He then went on to wear the title at a WWE Smackdown show where it was champion vs. champion. ECW Champion Tazz took on WWE Champion Triple H. The match set up for Tazz and Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championship.

The only other two times I ever saw another promotions belt on another wrestling program is when Alundra Blaze dropped the WWE Women’s title in the trash on WCW Nitro as Madusa and the other time is when Ric Flair wore the WCW Championship in his first four months in WWE. WCW had fired Flair and he refused to give the belt back.

Flair has also been apart of these occurrences and created some controversy because of it. Ric Flair is the first contracted TNA superstar to appear on WWE programming when he along with the rest of the Four Horsemen were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the spring of this year. Since then  Flair has been released from TNA which has caused a lot of stir in the wrestling world but Flair being at the Hall of Fame allowed Christian Cage to be at TNA Slammiversary.

These are some of the rarest occurrences in pro wrestling history which don’t happen very often. These moments are what makes wrestling interesting, entertaining and fun to watch. Enjoy these moments and remember them because the come few and far between.

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  1. Christian was not the first WWE contracted wrestler to appear on TNA Programming. On March 27th, 2008, Highlander Robbie McAllister was in the crowd to watch some friends at an Impact taping, and they filmed him, and showed him on air, shortly before him and his partner Rory were released.

  2. Actually you're right and wrong at the same time. Yes Robbie was in the crowd as a spectator. However Robbie was not an active part of the show. The four I mentioned including Christian were active in the shows they appeared on. Robbie and Rory had no involvement with TNA and were not in negotiations with them.

  3. To take a quote directly from your blog above: "making him the first ever WWE contracted wrestler to appear on TNA programming." This was incorrect, pure and simple, there is no "right and wrong at the same time."

  4. Robbie McAllister, who was he? A nobody. Him being in the crowd at Impact back then was not monumental. The occurrences I wrote about have a lot of significance to them. Robbie was a ticket buyer, not apart of the show.

  5. Funny, I should actually show Robbie your comment … but that's neither here nor there.

    Your exact words, as evidenced above, were as follows: "… making him the first ever WWE contracted wrestler to appear on TNA programming."

    At no point does their significance, or whether they took place in the show factor into what you said. Man up and admit that you were wrong, based on what you, yourself, specifically said. It's all right there in black and white, and the more you argue with me, the poorer you appear.

  6. I am not wrong…yes he appeared on TNA but as if you read my post you'd stop being a smartass and realize I was talking about contracted stars being apart of another promotions show. Robbie was not on the show, he was a ticket buyer.

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