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Athletes, Gun Control and Domestic Violence

Javon Belcher left behind a daughter
and a lot of questions as to why

In the wake of Javon Belcher murder-suicide involving his girlfriend one has to wonder if these professional sports organizations have to make new rules. I believe that you have the right to bear arms and keep a gun locked in your house. I feel however that you do not have the right to bring guns out into the public. I believe that the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and the other sport organizations should ban players from having firearms in the locker room, or any of the housing that is provided by their specific team. If you are caught once then you are suspended for the year. If you’re caught twice then you are banned from the league until a proper investigation is reached on why the athlete has the gun in the first place. Athletes have all this money, so they think the can do whatever they please. Instead of purchasing a firearm why don’t these guys hire a bodyguard who is trained to protect someone. That’s just my thought on the whole situation.

A lot of people don’t think this is a huge problem, but in reality it really is. Here is a short list of notable names who have been murdered, committed suicide or have been convicted of murdering someone else. When you get done reading this list then you’ll realize it’s a huge problem.

Chris Benoit (WWE)- Murder-Suicide
Kerry Von Erich (WWE)- Suicide by gunshot
Sean Taylor (NFL)- Homicide
Fred Lane (NFL)- Homicide
Ugueth Urbina (MLB)- Attempted Murder
Rae Carruth (NFL)- Conspiracy to commit murder

Steve McNair (NFL)- Murdered by mistress

Now this is just a short list. Here is another list of athletes who have been accused of domestic violence.
Mike Tyson (Boxing)
OJ Simpson (NFL)
Jim Brown (NFL)
Tito Ortiz (UFC)
Brian Giles (MLB)
Chuck Finley (MLB)
Albert Belle (MLB)
Jason Kidd (NBA)
Shawn Merriman (NFL)
James Harrison (NFL)
Chad Johnson (NFL)
Arenas and Burress still live but their
careers are ruined due to possessing fire arms
If these lists don’t open your eyes then I am not sure what will. The old saying is “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Well if you take a gun out of someones hands it’s going to be a lot harder to kill someone and a person has a chance to fight back. 
Now their are some athletes who have had problems with firearms that saw their careers go right down the toilet. Gilbert Arenas was one of a few members of the Washington Wizards who were caught having firearms in the locker room at the arena. He was severely punished and after his punishment his career hasn’t been the same since. He was once considered a superstar and now is irrelevant playing for the Shanghai Sharks in China. Plaxico Burress as we all know shot himself at a New York night club. He spent sometime in jail and he is not been the same player he once was. He spent a year with the Jets and is now with the team that drafted him which would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. 
One thing is for sure and that is if Arenas and Burress wouldn’t have had problems with firearms their careers would have turned out a lot different. After reading all of this, if you don’t think their is a problem with athletes having firearms or being accused domestic violence what will it take for you to realize that it is a huge problem? How are you going to feel when your favorite player is killed or they harm someone else? What will you think when your heroes aren’t the people you think they may be? Athletes with firearms are a huge deal and so is domestic violence. I hope the government and these professional sports organizations start cracking down on this problem. Athletes are not above the law and the law needs to start holding these athletes accountable for their actions. Let the movement begin, and let begin now. 

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