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Open Letter to Martha Hart

To: Martha Hart
From: Hollywood’s World of Sports and the majority of WWE fans


On May 23 1999 your husband Owen James Hart died in a tragic accident at WWE Over the Edge in Kansas City, Missouri. This was a tragic accident that everyone wished would have never happened. The following night on Raw, the show was dedicated to your husband with so many touching tributes from all the superstars.

Several weeks later you sued the WWE for a wrongful death and wanted support financially for your loss. I understand why you sued for that. However what I dont understand is that everytime the WWE has Owen on a DVD, or any other media you feel the need to file another lawsuit to prevent WWE from using the Owen Hart name. I understand that you still hurt to this day but the fans didn’t kill Owen, it was an accident that killed him.

The fans loved your husband and were always behind him whether he was a face or a heel. He had such a huge in WWE from about 1993 until his untimely death. Some of his accomplishments include:

WWF European Championship

2 time WWF Intercontinental Champion
4 time WWF World Tag Team Champion
King of the Ring (1994)
Slammy Award for Squared Circle Shocker (1996)
Slammy Award for Best Bow Tie (1997)
Now I know you know about all of your husband’s accomplishments but why not let them be recognized. The WWE has wanted to recognize Owen now for a long time by wanting to put him in the WWE Hall of Fame. The fans have been wanting to see Owen in the Hall of Fame for a long time as well. Instead of be ashamed of your husbands legacy, you should be proud of it. Owen was such a fun star to watch on TV.

Lastly, I’d like to say this to you Martha. It didn’t matter if he was “The Rocket,””The King of Harts,”
“The Black Hart,” “The Lone Hart,” or “The Two-Time Slammy Award Winner” he was truly one of the best in WWE history. Martha please allow your husband to take his rightful place into the WWE Hall of Fame next to his brother and his father. The Hart family is the best there is, the best there was and the best that there ever will be. Owen’s memory will live on forever!


Hollywood’s World of Sports

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