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True Blue…No Matter What

Hollywood Joe’s motto is, “Controversy doesn’t come without
criticism.”  Well unfortunately for me,
neither does my favorite football team.  
I’m a “True Blue” Dallas Cowboy fan, have been since Troy Aikman’s draft
day.   It’s been a long, tried and true relationship
with this team.  I saw the misery, I saw
the glory…and recently I don’t know what I’ve seen.

Drew Bledsoe was a great quarterback, and when he threw an
interception, it truly wasn’t his fault, the man was color blind.  Even the mighty fall, and one fateful day in
2006 Drew fell and in came Antonio Ramiro Romo, better known as Tony Romo.  Us Dallas fans have been cheering and crying
ever since.

“Tony’s got great fantasy stats!” I hear a lot of people
tell me.  Well, I don’t play fantasy
football so that has always been meaningless to me.  Fantasy stats don’t put rings on fingers,
wins do.  Interceptions don’t put rings
on fingers either, neither to botched holds…the list goes on.   

The rise and fall of my boys isn’t completely on Tony’s
shoulders; I know that.  It’s sad that I
can recite false start penalties because they’re damn near on the same player
EVERY TIME.  DeMarcus Ware is only one
man on the defense and let us not forget the circus that was Pac-man

The Monday Morning Quarterbacks have blamed Tony, blamed the
coaches, blamed Jerry, and anyone else they can think of in the state of Texas
as to the demise of America’s Team…but really it’s a true team effort to board
the Fail Boat, and then they’ve all proceeded to sink that Fail Boat in record

Tony Romo has the ability to be a great quarterback; BUT he
lacks consistency.  Not even Hard Hittin’
Jason Witten could save his ass in Washington last Sunday.   I’m shocked my TV survived the third
interception.   Miles Austin is a great
receiver who can catch balls while standing on his head; but put it in the
numbers…he couldn’t catch a cold if it saved his life this year.  Dez Bryant didn’t do too awful bad, same
problem as Miles Austin though. 

Another heartbreaking season, no more like vomit inducing
season by my boys, 8-8 is so awesome to brag about at work when I’m surrounded
by a Packer fans and a Lions fan.  This
season also required several overtimes; something I don’t really remember
happening with Dallas in the past.  Not
nearly as frequent as what it was this season by far.  Of course most of the games that went into
overtime weren’t necessary if everyone on the team didn’t play with their heads
firmly planted up their asses.  Jerry
Jones is now vowing for change, well I’ll go on record to say Jason Garret will
remain coach, Tony Romo will remain under center, DeMarcus Ware now has to have
surgery and Jason Witten will still be a tank on two legs.    Time will tell what the ole’ man means with
“Changes Will Happen.”

In closing, Hollywood Joe took it upon himself to post a
picture last night with the caption reading, “How do you say Tony Romo in
Spanish?  Mark Sanchez.”  Well Joe, at least Romo wasn’t benched this

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