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2013 TNA Bound for Glory Series

This years annual TNA Bound for Glory Series is underway and it all started with the selection show on the June 13th edition of Impact Wrestling. This is the third year the Bound for Glory Series has taken place and the first two winners were Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy. The winner of the Bound for Glory Series receives a TNA World Heavyweight Title Shot. Bobby Roode lost when he got his title shot against Kurt Angle in 2011 and Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries last year when he got his shot. 
The list of participants in this years Bound for Glory Series are:
Jeff Hardy

Bobby Roode
Austin Aries
Christopher Daniels
AJ Styles
Joseph Park
Mr. Anderson
Samoa Joe
Jay Bradley
I see a few scenarios happening in this years Bound for Glory that could go down.

Scenario 1: Mr. Anderson win the Bound for Glory Series and takes on Bully Ray for the World Heavyweight Title and this will be what splits up Aces N Eights. I also could see AJ Styles being the one who takes down the gang as well. Maybe in the end it will be AJ Styles versus Mr. Anderson.

Scenario 2:  I could see the tag teams of Bad Influence and Bobby Roode and Austin Aries breaking up due to the fact they have to face each other.

Scenario 3: Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Magnus are all rumored to be in Stings new Main Event Mafia. I could see one of these three with Stings help being the one to take back the TNA World Heavyweight Title from Bully Ray.

Those are three scenarios I could see playing out throughout the course of the next few months. The points system for Bound for Glory is still the same as it has been and it goes as follows:

Submission Victory – 10 points
Pinfall Victory – 7 points
Countout Victory – 5 points
Disqualification Victory – 3 points
Draw (Time Limit/Double Countout/Double Disqualification) – 2 points
Disqualification Loss – you LOSE 10 points

Let the road for glory begin. The Bound for Glory Series will conclude on Sunday October 20th in San Diego, California where the winner will face the TNA Heavyweight Champion. Who will capture the glory in the Bound for Glory Series? Stay tuned to find out!

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