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Why I Escape to Sports

I’ve been told by many people over the last nine years that my life is consumed by sports and that I make it a topic of conversation everywhere I go. On July 13, 2013 George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the case that saw him kill Trayvon Martin. When I turned on my usual sports networks or went to their websites they were giving athletes reactions to the verdict.

When I go to Fox Sports or ESPN, I don’t want to hear about murder, racial injustice, political issues or anything related. I write and talk about sports because its an opportunity to get people away from the cruel reality of what this world can be like at time.

Sports are fun, competitive and they bring out a positive energy in people. People like to cheer for things, and be passionate about things. I am sure most people like myself don’t want to be brought down by negative news. Sports have always had a way of healing things and bringing peoples spirits back to live.

I always think of September 13, 2001. Vince McMahon and WWE held Smackdown in Houston, Texas in front of a sold out crowd. It was the first sporting or entertainment event after what terrorists attacks of 9/11.. That set the tone for the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA to get back to work and allowed the nation to be distracted while we healed from what happened. Even in 2013, after the Boston Marathon bombing, the people of Boston got behind the Celtics, Bruins and the Red Sox. They found comfort by watching their teams, and going to the games.

Sports have a way let people get away from reality, find comfort, and give them something to cheer for. I love sports and in my worst times I look to sports to lose myself in the moment. I don’t want to turn on ESPN and hear about negativity, political issues and senseless crimes. I want to watch the game, voice my opinion on the teams and athletes that surround those games.

Sports as it’s defined in Webster’s Dictionary “is to play in a happy and lively way.” It sounds like a pretty positive way to live to me.

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