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Laying Down the Law for Young Athletes

Earlier this week a high school football coach suspended his entire team due to reports of cyber-bullying, cutting classes and being disrespectful towards their teachers. Matt Labrum, who is the head coach of Union High School’s football team in Roosevelt laid down the law and has made all of his players earn their jerseys back.

As I sat and thought about this, I thought to myself way to go coach. This coach is awesome and he did the right thing. The problem in today’s society is when you’re an athlete whether it be high school, college or pro, they think they are above everyone else and can do as the please. I think about all the players who have gotten in trouble in college and pro sports and how much they could have benefited from a coach like this.

Labrum, made his players perform tasks and community service before earning their jerseys back. I believe that more coaches on all level should discipline their players like this. Coaches are suppose to be role models and mentors and Labrum proved that he fits that role. Those kids are going to realize that playing sports is not a right, it’s a huge privilege.

Too much emphasis is put on sports and how important they are to the American culture. I am a sports fan, a sports writer and I will admit at time sports consumes me but in no way should an athlete ever get away with breaking the law, being above rules set by an educational institution or anything else a non athlete has to live by.

So to Matt Labrum, I applaud your decision and agree with it. The right action was taken and it’s about time someone in this world stepped up and gave young athletes a reality check. I hope other coaches around the country take note of this and follow what Labrum. The best educational experience is one that will teach athletes that they are not above anyone and their are consequences for every bad decision you make.

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