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Recap, Review, and Results of 2013 WWE Battleground

Tonight was the inagural WWE Battleground pay-per-view. I can honestly say that it was a solid show but not a lot of shock value. As of Night of Champions I am doing the format of what I like and what I didn’t like but before I begin here are the results for the night:

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton ended in a No Contest
CM Punk def. Ryback
World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Rob Van Dam (Battleground Hardcore Rules Match)
Cody Rhodes & Goldust def. WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns
Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel def. R-Truth
Bray Wyatt def. Kofi Kingston
Divas Champion AJ Lee def. Brie Bella
The Real Americans def. Santino Marella & The Great Khali
Dolph Ziggler def. Damien Sandow (Kickoff Match)

I honestly hated the fact that once again their were no title changes. I think it’s time to shake up the United States Title and the Intercontinental Title scene. Their really has been no contenders or rivalries for either title since the spring time. I also did not like that Damien Sandow would not cash in the briefcase after a Hardcore Match. It didn’t help the World Title Match was first on the card either.

I did however love the fact that Big Show finally got involved in the main story in the way that he should. I expect repercussions for the Big Show, Brad Maddox and The Shield for all disappointed Triple H and Stephanie. I also love how Antonio Cesaro has began to stand out among everyone. The Cesaro swing on The Great Khali. Lastly, the Rhodes brothers looked awesome tonight and what an emotional match to watch. Honestly other then the WWE title match, it was the only match that some real genuine emotion to it. Goldust can still go and Cody is finally getting into the spotlight where he should have 3 to 4 years ago.

The matches were solid, the ending was interesting but I am still waiting for something shocking to happen. Big Show and Scott Armstrong coming was good for the story but it wasn’t shocking. Shake the foundation of the company, the stories and give people a reason to watch. Television has been great to watch but the pay-per-views are not following through. There is three weeks until Hell in a Cell and it’s time to turn the notch up on the stories and give us epic moments to talk about. I will leave you with this and that is currently in WWE is down in ratings, buyrates and stocks. WWE needs to take the hint. Battleground was good, but it wasn’t great. It’s time to raise the bar and get back to being great.

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