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Jake the Snake Roberts to be Inducted in the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame

When I think of great ring psychology, mic skills and knowing how add a mystique to a character I think of Jake the Snake Roberts. Jake has been announced as the second edition to the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame. Jake Roberts made his debut in 1975 and he’s had one hell of a career and one controversial life.

Jake the Snake debuted in 1986 and feuded with the likes of Ricky Steamboat, Rick Rude, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ted Dibiase and Rick the Model Martel. When I think of Jake’s initial WWE run I think of the epic promos he made and his Wrestlemania matches against Honky Tonk Man, Ted Dibiase and Rick Martel.

His heel turn against Randy Savage was incredible as he started off interrupting Savage and Liz’s wedding reception, playing mind games with the Ultimate Warrior and it led to The Undertaker becoming a fan favorite.

After he left WWE, he appeared in WCW feuding with Sting but the feud did not last long. What a lot of people didn’t know he was already developing a drug and alcohol problem that would stick with him for a long time. He reappeared in WWE in 1996 and was a born again Christian which was apart of his gimmick. He was billed as a comeback story but the story only lasted about a year

After he was let go in 1997 his wife Cheryl divorced him, he was portrayed as a horrible human being in Beyond the Mat and subsquently his life was out of control. A lot of fans like myself thought it was a matter of time before he was found dead. However everything would change for Roberts in 2012.

Jake Roberts moved in with Diamond Dallas Page and began his rehab, his sober living and his road to redemption. Jake has lost over 50 pounds, and has been sober for quite sometime now. He credits DDP for his redemption and his lifestyle change. That lifestyle change ultimately led to a surprise appearance on the January 6 edition of Monday Night Raw. The fans received him, cheered him and welcomed him back into the WWE Universe with open arms.

Jake held titles in Mid-South Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling, Stampede Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling and Smoky Mountain Wrestling. More importantly he is the master and inventor of the DDT, which is a move that has always changed the complexion of any match.

I personally would like to congratulate Jake the Snake Roberts on being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. “The blind leading the blind? Even a fool knows that a man only has five senses. But a snake? He has six. We always do it better in the dark.” -Jake Roberts, Wrestlemania 7

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