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Review of Planet Fitness- Grand Rapids, MI

I usually do not take the time to write about non-sports related material but considering athletes work out at gyms and fitness centers, I thought this might be appropriate. Several months ago I heard about Planet Fitness through the grapevine and it dawned on me that they were an official sponsor of “The Biggest Loser” TV show. I have never been apart of a gym or even came close to thinking about one because of the outrageous costs that you have to play to join and maintain a membership.

Planet Fitness has two types of memberships. A basic 10 dollar membership allows you to do basic work outs and be on your way. However, for 20 dollars a month, you get a lot of great things. The Black Card Membership includes:

-Reciprocal use of all Planet FitnessĀ® Franchise Locations
-Unlimited guest privileges at any Planet Fitness location
-Unlimited Hydromassage
-Use of Tanning
-Unlimited Total Body Enhancement
-Unlimited Use of Massage Chairs
-1/2 Price Cooler Drinks (Restrictions may apply)
-PF Black Card T-Shirt
-PF Black Card Key Tag
-Unlimited Fitness Training

I can honestly tell you that the Hydromassage bed and the Massage Chairs are well worth the 20 dollars a month. They have a lot of equipment that will work every part of your body. The Grand Rapids location has a PF360 room which is a combination of obstacle course and a little bit of training the MMA fighters and boxers use. Some locations do not have this, so those go to Grand Rapids are privileged.
I love the atmosphere of Planet Fitness, because everyone does their own thing. There is no intimidation or no one making others feel uncomfortable. If you are one of those people who are looking to switch gyms or join a gym for the first time, I would highly recommend joining Planet Fitness. It is such a great place for a great price and at the end of a workout and Hydromassage, you will feel so good about yourself. 

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