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Road to Wrestlemania 30: Week 2

This week on the Road to Wrestlemania 30, the authority kicked off things with telling Randy Orton he will face his 5 elimination chamber opponents over the next couple of weeks. He faced off against Daniel Bryan and lost on Raw but he beat Christian on Smackdown. This Monday he faces John Cena as their storied but old rivalry continues. 
The feud between the Wyatt Family and The Shield keeps getting stranger by the minute. The Wyatt’s are still acting as a cohesive unit while tensions are mounting between members of The Shield. Many in the wrestling world have high hopes for Roman Reigns and I have a feeling that this will play out in the match at Elimination Chamber match. 
Another thing that is playing out is the little rivalry between Batista and Alberto Del Rio. I am sure they will have a match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Other smaller storylines that were being built up this week include Kane’s chokeslams to Daniel Bryan, and the split up of Darren Young and Titus O’Neill. They also continue to show the failures of Jack Swagger and showcasing his partner Antonio Cesaro. 
I don’t feel like much else happened this week on the Road to Wrestlemania 30. It seems as though the product is stale right now and things are up in the air for the biggest show of the year. As we get closer to Elimination Chamber things might be a little more clearer as to what Wrestlemania 30 will look like. For now fans will have to make due with what they have. Check back next as the Road to Wrestlemania 30 continues.

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