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Road to Wrestlemania 30: Week 6

This week on the Road to Wrestlemania we saw a lot of build up to what will happen on April 6th. Raw started off with Paul Heyman delivering his own pipe-bomb and teasing the fans with mentioning CM Punk’s name. He then brought out Brock Lesnar which ended in Lesnar destroying Mark Henry again. The first match of the night saw the Uso’s win the tag team titles against the New Age Outlaws in a terrific contest. Big E Langston wrestled two matches and won them both by DQ because of the ongoing dissension between Cesaro and Swagger.One of the bigger highlights of Raw was watching Seth Rollins walk out on his fellow Shield members during their re-match with The Wyatt Family. Daniel Bryan called out Triple H once again and it led to him being removed from the ring until his match with Batista. The match with Batista went better then I thought it would considering how horrible he has been in the ring since his return. The match ended in DQ when Randy Orton got involved. Bryan did his best to fight everyone off but was left laying after a Batista Bomb and a Pedigree.
Smackdown picked up right where Raw left off. Batista and Daniel Bryan started off Friday Night by attacking each other on the mic. This led to a physical altercation which brought out Kane and the returning Big Show. This led to the main event being made for later on in the night. It was Daniel Bryan and Big Show taking on Batista and Kane. It was a great main event in which Bryan and Show won and celebrating as Smackdown went off the air. The Shield had a hostile confrontation especially between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns was definitely the middle man trying to keep the peace. In the end, after punches were thrown the three members stood together. There also seems to be little feuds going on between Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Christian and Sheamus. The two faces have been having series of matches with the two heels. It makes me wonder if there will be a tag match to combine the feuds at Wrestlemania 30. I guess only time will tell to see if these four men make the big event.
As of this writing we do know The Undertaker will face Brock Lesnar and put his 21-0 streak on the line. Randy Orton will also defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Batista in the main event of Wrestlemania 30. Keep tuning in for more news, matches and rumors on the Road to Wrestlemania 30.
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