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Bringing Honor to WWE

Devitt and KENTA

Over the last month WWE has signed three of pro wrestling top free agents. It started with the signing of KENTA in Japan, (Prince) Fergal Devitt and finally Kevin Steen. It is no secret that these three are highly talked about on the internet and all over the world.

I am truly excited for what these three bring. I have been following ROH for a long time and have seen what KENTA and Steen can do. Devitt has been a mainstay in New Japan for a long time and was even apart of the famous faction “The Bullet Club.” The Bullet Club consists of AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Scott D’Amore, Luke Gallows, The Young Bucks, and now Jeff Jarrett. It’s a group Devitt started and is well respected in Japan and in the states where they appear.

KENTA has been featured in Pro Wrestling NOAH and Ring of Honor where he has been in matches with like Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, and many other well known WWE and TNA Superstars. He is the originator of the move Go 2 Sleep which was adapted by former WWE Superstar CM Punk. Punk admitted he took the move from KENTA citing that KENTA was one of his inspirations.

Then there is “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen who has been apart of CZW, PWG, and ROH in the last ten years.  Over those ten years he has faced the likes of Chris Hero, Sami Zayn(El Generico), AJ Styles, Cesaro, Fit Finlay, Seth Rollins, and Steve Corino. Kevin Steen has had love of the fans for the longest time whether he was heel or face.

I see the future of WWE being brighter then ever if they push these three the right and proper way. If CM Punk and Daniel Bryan can have major success there is no reason these three can’t have the same success. Being a Ring of Honor fan makes me partial to the guys that have come from ROH. You can have OVW, FCW and NXT but the best pro wrestling talent has come from ROH. I am always solidly behind Rollins, Cesaro and Bryan because they are ring generals. CM Punk was a great ring general in his time in WWE.

Honor has arrived in WWE and I hope they bring back some pure wrestling and classic matches. Honor will always live in ROH but hopefully some will be brought to the WWE in the near future.

Kevin Steen with Triple H at NXT

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