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Review of The Expendables 3

I generally don’t write about movies unless they are about sports or athletes are involved in the movie themselves. In this case we have two MMA starts and a former Welterweight boxing champion that star in The Expendables 3. Randy Couture returns to his regular role as Toll Road while Ronda Rousey and Victor Ortiz are the newest additions to The Expendables. Both Rousey and Ortiz played their very roles very well. It makes me wonder if there will ever be a female addition of The Expendables
The movie itself was great and had much more of a story to it then the first two did. It gave insight into the lives of the new recruits as well as the older generation. I was disappointed that Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis or Chuck Norris did not return for the 3rd film. However the addition of Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas were done well. For me Banderas was the star of the movie for me. His performance and character were totally awesome. He definitely made you laugh and made you feel sorry for him. 
Each Expendables has had a great villain. The first movie had Eric Roberts, the second had Jean-Claude Van Damme and this one had Mel Gibson. I really enjoyed Mel Gibson’s character because he was an Expendable and knew what had to be done in order to survive. He played all the tricks and was a great adversary for The Expendables. 
If you enjoyed the other Expendable movies you will enjoy this one. I am not sure if they will continue with the series or not but if they don’t this was a great way to end it. Be sure to check out The Expendables 3 in theaters everywhere.

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