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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 10/5/2014

This week is the 10 year anniversary of Hollywood’s World of Sports and it’s been suggested to me over the years that I write a weekly column and not so much wait until a big news story breaks out. I’ve decided to call this weekly column “The Corner of Controversy and Criticism,” which is based off the Hollywood’s World of Sports motto “Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism.” Each week I will take four or five stories in sports and give my uncut, uncensored and unfiltered opinions on the topic. I will be continuing to write about major stories and issues going on the world of sports but this column will insure that I have something to talk and write about once a week. So here we go for this debut post.

As a resident in Michigan this could have been one of the worst day in sports history. The Tigers lose to Baltimore to be swept out of the playoffs. They have a horrible bullpen and a very inexperienced coach who probably should have went to coaching baseball 101. The Tigers are too talented to not be in the World Series and they should have won the AL Central by atleast 10 games if not more. My hats off to the Kansas City Royals who are having great post-season games thus far. The Lions are another talented team who are losing games very foolishly. I would be looking really hard into pulling Jason Hanson out of retirement or signing former Broncos kicker Matt Prater once his suspension is over. I have a feeling some changes in the Motor City are coming and it won’t be pretty.
Last week I was a very angry Carolina Panthers fan. Yes you read it right, I am a diehard Carolina Panthers fan. I truly believe they should have never released Steve Smith for as much as he done for the Panthers. I was so happy that he performed well last week but at the same time so angry that the Panthers lost due to his performance against them. This week the Panthers continued their struggles in the first half against the Chicago Bears but somehow in the 2nd half came back to win the game. 
Today started the 2nd round of the NASCAR Chase for the Cup and both Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr wrecked in the race and now have fight to make sure they make the next round. I personally could care less if Jimmie Johnson made it to the next round. I think NASCAR made this new format so Jimmie couldn’t win anymore championships. Call me crazy but most NASCAR loyal fans don’t think he deserves to be compared to Petty and Earnhardt. Those two legends had to earn their championships the hard way for entire year. I personally think it should go back to the way it use to be where everyone stays in contention for the whole year and not resetting the points for the final ten races. Maybe NASCAR will change back someday but until then we are stuck.
The NHL and NBA preseasons are now going and before you know it we will be in the middle of winter with hockey and basketball. I will be curious to see how the Cleveland Cavaliers do this year. To be honest I think LeBron James purposely left Cleveland so they could get high draft picks and a better young nucleus for LeBron to play with. Yes I am conspiracy theorist from time to time but it makes sense. Cleveland has a team that can finally bring a championship to the city. I will be curious to see who in the Eastern Conference that can compete with them,
Speaking of Cleveland, congratulations to the Cleveland Browns who came back from a 25 point deficit to beat the Titans. Some crazy things are going on with this Browns team this year. The Browns are 2-2 and that’s a shock to me because the two loses were by 3 points or less. Who cares about Johnny Manziel when you have Brian Hoyer. The Browns have a good young core of players who I have a feeling will make them more competitive in the future.
It’s been a crazy weekend in sports but this is just the beginning of the brutal and blunt opinions I am going to share on a weekly basis. Until next Sunday be safe, be strong, and be your best!

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