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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 10/12/14

Everyone that knows me knows that I am very hard on athletes when they break the law and I have no mercy or compassion for them due to the fact that they make more in one year than I will in my lifetime. Adrian Peterson admitted to smoking weed before his first court appearance this week. Prosecutors want him arrested but no action has been taken. I personally think Peterson has buried himself personally and professionally. For someone who is suppose to be a role model and does a lot for kids he should come out and say that this is not the way you should act. With his admission of smoking weed one has to wonder if he was under the influence of something when he disciplined his kid because any normal human being knows you shouldn’t beat a toddler until he bleeds. There is a lot of heat on Adrian Peterson which is not going to go away anytime soon. This situation is going to follow him for a long time to come.

Speaking of out of character actions I was really surprised to see Matt Kenseth go after Brad Keselowski during the conclusion of the NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. There is a lot more on the line with the championships rounds and emotions are also high as well. Keselowski had issues with Kenseth, Hamlin and Stewart on Saturday Night. Denny Hamlin wanted a piece of him first but his crew held him back. Keselowski is a hot head and I’ve lost a lot of respect for him over the last year with some of the things he’s done and said. Maybe Carl Edwards should teach him some respect again.

With one race left until elimination Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson need to win or have everyone else in-front of them due horrible at Talladega. Dale Jr. is having one of the better seasons he has had in career and Jimmie wants to tie Petty and Earnhardt Sr for 7 championships. I personally think they created this format to prevent Jimmie from winning anymore championships. It’s no secret that ratings tanked in the 5 year span that he was champion. I have a feeling that Talladega is going to shake everything up and more tempers going to flare by the end of next Sunday’s race.

In terms of playing like your life depends on it, how about the Kansas City Royals. They have taken the first two games of the American League Championship Series. They are playing like they will never be in the playoffs again and that’s what has made them so dangerous in the postseason. The have lowest payroll in the playoffs and it is proving that money doesn’t win always championships. The Royals are playing with heart, determination and they should be inspiring every baseball team out there who could learn something from the,. They have developed a great farm system, picked up a few key pieces and have taken risks in games that you don’t see a lot of teams take. If your baseball is not in the playoffs then get behind the Kansas City Royals. They are a team worth rooting for this postseason.

Lastly, it was weird and great to see LeBron James back in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. They played the Heat in Brazil. It was a pretty competitive game that went into overtime. Obviously King James didn’t play a lot because obviously it was a preseason but could the Cavs beating the Heat be a sign of things to come this NBA season? I think Cleveland has a great shot to win a championship over the next couple of years but it’s going to take a healthy LeBron, Love and Irving to do it. It’s good to see LeBron back in Cleveland but he better perform well with how well Brian Hoyer and the Browns are playing. It’s a good time to be a Cleveland sports fan right now. Who would have ever thought that someone would be saying that?

It’s a busy time in sports right now so every sport is fair game to talk about. Until next week stay safe, be strong and follow your dreams. Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!

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