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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 10/19/2014

One thing I’ve learned from watching sports throughout my life is that if an athlete is backed into a corner and has to win at all costs they usually rise to the occasion. Today was not any different when Brad Keselowski won the Geico 500 at Talladega. Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. all needed a win to advance into the next round of Championship Playoffs in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Kyle Busch and Kasey Kahne were also eliminated from contention along with Junior and Johnson. This NASCAR season has been more competitive, and has seen more emotion then ever before. Basically you win or you go home. I do think the new format makes for good racing and good TV and now that its here it will take a lot to change the format. With three races left until the championship finale you can bet that the eight drivers remaining are going to race their hearts out and do everything they can to win.
On the opposite side of not trying to win is Percy Harvin. The Seattle Seahawks traded Harvin earlier this week after reports that he has been involved in fights with Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Russell Wilson. The straw that broke the camels back is when Harvin refused to play in the last drive of the game last week against the Cowboys. He was traded to the Jets for a 2015 draft pick that could range from a 2nd round to a 4th round pick. I really believe that the NFL needs to change the rules that would allow teams to cut players who are being disruptive to their team without having to eat the contract. If the Seahawks would have released him they still would have had to pay him his 25 million over the next couple of years. I believe that’s a horrible rule to have. If you’re conduct is being detrimental to a team you should not be getting a paycheck, especially if you bench yourself when the game is on the line. Athletes are spoiled and are pampered. By not laying down the law on behavior like this makes things worse. In my opinion, Percy Harvin does not deserve 25 million dollars and honestly doesn’t even deserve an NFL contract right now. 
Speaking of bad behavior, it was reported that former MMA fighter War Machine attempted to commit suicide in jail over the week. Now I don’t wish bad things on anyone and I don’t condone someone trying to kill themselves but I honestly have no sympathy for this guy. If you saw the pictures of what he did to his girlfriend you would be disgusted. I think it’s pretty disgusting that a guy who is trained in fighting sinks low enough to beat up a female who probably had no chance of defending herself unless she stabbed or shot him. It’s another case of an athlete thinking they can get away with whatever they want and then when they do get punished they do something for attention. There is nothing good about this story accept that he got put in jail which was the appropriate punishment for his crime.
The bright spot of the week is that the World Series is set. It will be the Kansas City Royals versus the San Francisco Giants. ESPN labeled this the worse World Series possibility that could have happened. I think it’s great because more then one region has interest in the series. If the World Series would have been Dodgers-Angels, Royals-Cardinals or Orioles-Nationals I think the ratings would have been bad because only one region of the country would have cared. The Royals are the feelgood story in sports right now. It’s taken them a long time to build the team they have and now they are making the most of it. Kansas City is playing like they will never be in this position again. I think having that mentality makes them very dangerous and very determined to win. I am looking forward to seeing how this series turns out and which players are going to create a legacy for them.
This week was a crazy week in sports and I am sure with the World Series starting and the NASCAR playoffs getting more intense there will be more to discuss at this time next week. With that being said be safe, be strong and believe in yourself. Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism. 

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