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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 10/26/2014

One thing I love when it comes to writing about sports and pro wrestling is there is always some sort of debate and argument going on. This week I debated about Bobby Lashley being a better MMA fighter then Brock Lesnar. The points that were made to me were that Brock fought in UFC and fought more credible opponents. If you take a look at Lashley he wrestles in TNA and fights in Bellator every chance he gets. I don’t discredit what Brock Lesnar did in UFC but watching Lashley makes me wonder if he could top what Lesnar did. Lashley has great speed, is more well rounded and goes into fights with a better game plan. I always felt that Lesnar didn’t go into his fights with a great game plan. It was bull-rush your opponent hope you knock him out right a way. Maybe Lashley hasn’t fought the stars like Lesnar has but Lashley is proving to be a credible MMA Fighter. 
Speaking of credibility, I am really curious to see which NBA teams are going to be a credible playoff contender when the season starts this Tuesday. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is can LeBron James lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA Championship? I think they have a great shot at it. I am going to make a bold prediction and say the Eastern Conference Finals will be the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Chicago Bulls. I believe in the Western Conference that it will come down to the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers. Both teams have a lot of depth and talent on their roster. I think it’s going to be an interesting year in the NBA with their not being a big 3 or a team stacked full of All Stars. Let the NBA season begin.
Dale Earnhardt Jr went back to Victory Lane again at Martinsville Speedway and missing the Chase for the Cup last week didn’t stop from him celebrating. Junior has four wins this season and it’s the best overall season he has had in a long time. I am not sure that I like the Sprint Cup Championship coming down to one race. I think it should go back to the original way it was when you had to fight all 36 races to win the championship. Keep the points system the same as it is right now but don’t reset the points with 10 races left. As it is right the most points a driver can win a race is 48. If a drivers wins the race and leads the most laps they would receive 3 bonus points for winning, one bonus point for leading a lap and one more bonus point for leading the most laps. This points system keeps close and competitive and it should stay that way all season long. I personally think they made this format to keep Jimmie Johnson from winning anymore championships. The sport does need excitement and different winners but at what point do you take credibility away from drivers who perform well consistently throughout all 36 races. Not everyone is going to like every format but hopefully NASCAR gives credibility back to the drivers who finish well consistently all year around.
When it comes to playoff formats I do not like the way College Football is going right now. If the season ended today the four playoff teams would all be from the S.E.C. How does that benefit all the other conferences in College Football? There are 10 conferences in Division 1 College Football so take the winner of each conference and put them in the playoffs. The top 6 team get a round one bye and the bottom four teams play to advance against to the next round. It would keep interest throughout all of College Football and give each conference something to fight for. Each conference should be represented to make it fair and eliminate any controversy of who should be there and who shouldn’t. Call me crazy but I believe that’s the logical way to handle the College Football Playoffs. 
Another week in sports has come and gone. By this time next week we will have a World Series winner, another NFL week gone by and a kick off to the NBA season. Be safe, be strong and believe in yourself. Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!

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