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First Impressions of Lucha Underground

To coin an old phrase, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression.”  As I sat down and watched the first hour long episode of Lucha Underground I was pretty impressed. Although I had to listen to all the Spanish Commentary it didn’t take away from the action or presentation. There are faces I have never seen before and those I haven’t seen in quite awhile. The most notable names on the show are John Morrison(Johnny Mundo), Chavo Guerrero, Konnan, Vampiro and Puma(known as Ricochet on the indy scene). They also have female masked wrestlers that I think will add another dimension that you don’t see on WWE, TNA or ROH. Those female wrestlers from time to time will fight a male wrestler which isn’t done on TV anymore. 
Even though it’s not the powerhouse that WWE is, it could be in the mix of where ROH, and TNA are at. They have notable names, a unique presentation and a solid storyline that is not confusing to fans. I would love to see some more notable lucha wrestlers join this promotion. I think guys like La Parka, Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera and others who became famous in America would be a plus for this new TV show. 
With what I saw in the first week I am curious to see more. I love how the first show left you wanting to see more. I think this could be a successful promotion if it’s done right. The fact it’s only an hour show makes it a good thing. If it was three hours I don’t think I could sit through it. An hour long program keeps your attention and doesn’t make you get bored with the product. I think that’s where WWE’s downfall has been. If you’re a wrestling fan I would keep an eye on this promotion. Keep tuning in to the El Ray for more of Lucha Underground. You don’t want to blink because you might just miss it!

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