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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 11/16/2014

Saturday night was a night of violence this weekend. You had Wladimir Klitschko defend his title against Kubrat Pulev. Klistscho is a great champion  He currently has the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO and The Ring Heavyweight titles which I like. I personally think boxing needs eliminate some of these titles and have one title for each weight-class. Unfortunately that will never happen because there is too much money and political agendas in boxing.  Speaking of heavweight championships the UFC crowned a new interim heavyweight champion in  Fabrício Werdum. He will eventually meet Cain Velasquez who was originally suppose to defend the title against Werdum. Finally, we saw Tito Ortiz take on Stephan Bonnar in a heated contest. These two absolutely hate each other and it did not help matters that Ortiz only won by split decision. I love how Ortiz refers to himself as “The Peoples Champion” because most people don’t really like him. The guy is very overrated and is only in Bellator because Dana White kicked him to the curb when he realized he wasn’t worth UFC money anymore. Hopefully Ortiz fights someone in their prime and is knocked out of MMA all together.
One athlete who is worth money being spent is Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw. He cleaned house by winning NL MVP and Cy Young for the 2014 season. He is proving to be a great pitcher and is the ace of any starting lineup. The guy is only 26 years old and is already building a legacy for himself. I don’t think this is the last time he wins an MVP or Cy Young Award. Other notable award winners for the year are Mike Trout who is the AL MVP,  and Corey Kluber who is AL CY Young,  I will give Trout his due for not giving up or being discouraged after he’s finished second multiple times in the voting. He’s another young player who has a bright future ahead of him. The City of Angels always has it stars but will Kershaw or Trout ever lead their teams to a championship? Only time will tell
Will Brian Hoyer take his talents out of Cleveland like LeBron James did? Sources are saying that Titans and Texans are interested in him. If Hoyer keeps playing hard and leading the Browns to victories I think he could be a just as big as star in Cleveland as King James. The Browns are doing great this year and it has not a thing to do with Johnny Manziel. I personally think Manziel is another Tim Tebow and will be a commentator on some College Football Show. If Hoyer stays with Cleveland and makes them a playoff team I think that will do more for his career then is he goes to the Titans or Texans. Can you imagine if Brian Hoyer brought the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl and won? It would be historic and I think he’s playing with the thought of putting that idea n peoples minds. The Cleveland Browns have never won a Super Bowl Championship but I think the management and coaching staff of the Browns are trying to change that by building a good nucleus of young talent on their team. Keep your eye on the Cleveland Brown for the next couple of years. I think they are going to surprise a lot of people. 
Speaking of never winning championships, that all came to an end today for Kevin Harvick. The final four of NASCAR’S Sprint Cup Series were Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, and Ryan Newman. None of the four drivers have ever won the championship. I still don’t agree with the championship coming down to one final race. There are guys like Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. who have performed well all year long couldn’t contend for the title at the end due to the new format. My hope is that NASCAR will look at rewarding the top 3 or 4 guys who win the most races throughout the whole year. There are so many arguments to how the Chase should be handled but hopefully someday we will get a clear cut way that will make the majority of the people happy. 
It’s been a week of a lot of up’s for a lot of different athletes. The football playoff battle is getting more intense by the week, the NBA and NHL seasons have a long way to go and the College Football Rankings seem to be changing every week. Until next week be safe, be strong and believe in yourself. Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!

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