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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 12/7/2014

This week I am in the Upper Peninsula where it can sometimes get cold and snowy. The one thing about the U.P. in Michigan is that their favorite teams are a little team. The best time to be around this area because the U.P. is split 50/50 with half being Lions fans and the other half being Packers fans. They are both die-hard. The thing a lot of people don’t know is that towns like Green Bay and Milwaukee are closer then Detroit so they air a lot of those games in this part of Michigan. It’s fun to watch the passion come out when they play each other. I personally love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When I cross the Mackinaw Bridge all of life’s worries, stresses and problems seem to go away. If you ever want to see some beautiful parts of Michigan come up to U.P. and get away.
Earlier this week I talked about how racism, stereotypes and politics needed to stay out of sports. I was sick of hearing about Ferguson and all the other garbage coming a long with it. A few days ago Derrick Rose wore a shirt that said “I can’t breath.” The shirt was a reference to Eric Garner being choked out until he died on the streets of New York. There is now outrage that officer did not receive any punishment. Rose is not the only making statements about this because Reggie Bush wore won before the Lions game against Tampa Bay. I understand trying to take a stand but the best way to take a stand is to go out into the communities and teach young and old people the difference between right and wrong. Wearing a shirt and making gestures doesn’t change anything and it doesn’t make an impact. My advice to Rose, Bush and others is to go out in to the communities and teach these people about how to get ahead the right way.
On Saturday Night I talked about former WWE Superstar CM Punk signing with the UFC. One of the latest developments is Jason David Frank wants to be his first opponent. If you don’t recognize the name you didn’t grow up watching the original Power Rangers. Frank played Tommy who was the Green and White Ranger in the original Power Rangers. He also has a very heavy MMA background and has won four exhibition fights. He and Punk have talked about fighting each other for a couple of years now and now if Frank lobby’s hard enough he might get it. Punk and Frank both have a huge fan base and it would probably draw some huge money for the UFC. Whether Dana White and the UFC sign this fight remains to be seen but it would be a huge attraction.
The College Football playoff has been decided and it looks something like this:
I am so glad that these playoffs were not all SEC teams. It’s bad enough two of them are in there.I don’t like how one conference gets all the glory. I personally think you should play every team in your conference and that one winner from conference makes it into the playoffs. I personally want to Ohio State vs. Oregon in the championship game. I am very anti SEC. All the coverage always seems to be on them when there are other teams out there doing just as great as they are. I am looking forward to seeing how this first playoff starts out. I am glad that there is more to fight for in a season now. It’s good for the schools, and the athletes involved. 
It’s been a relaxing week with the holidays kicking off in full gear. I love this time of year where you get together with friends and family. If you’re lucky your friends and family love sports as much as you do and you get to watch some great sporting events and enjoy some holiday food. Until next week be safe, be strong and believe in yourself. Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!

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