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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 12/28/2014

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and had a great time around their family and friends. This week I want to focus my attention on a couple of matters from my own home state of Michigan. Earlier this past week the Detroit Pistons released Josh Smith who ended up going to the Houston Rockets. I cannot understand for the life of me why you would release a talent like that and get nothing out of it. The Pistons claimed that they couldn’t find anyone to trade for him. I call that a bunch of bull. I am sure teams really willing to give the Pistons something, just not what the Pistons wanted. If you’re wanting to get rid of a player that bad take what you can get and try to rebuild. Don’t get rid of him and get nothing in return. That’s is just plain logic and common sense. The Detroit Pistons have been nothing but a toilet bowl since 2006. They have made a lot of stupid moves and failed to build a caliber team. The current owner Tom Gores either needs to start putting money into the franchise or sell it to someone who will. The Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings all have competitive teams right now so they need to get it together and make Detroit a complete winning city.

Not too far from Detroit is Ann Arbor and in all I’ve been hearing about Jim Harbaugh is going to the University of Michigan to become the head football coach. For the last month all I’ve heard on ESPN 96.1, WBBL 107.3, various Detroit sports reporters is that he has signed with U of M. My advice to all these professional sports is unless you have clear cut proof don’t report about it. The reporting has gotten so irresponsible that sports journalists are launching personal and professional attacks on each other.  You have Jeff Moss and Gregg Henson attacking The Huge Show Bill Simonson and vice-versa. Instead of sound like a complete bunch of idiots how about you all pool your resources together and give us the best information possible. The problem with some of these “professionals” is they like to hear themselves talk and stoke their own egos. It makes me wonder how any of them still have a job. With all the crap out of the way I do hope Harbaugh will come to Michigan and get the program back on track. The Wolverines need someone that is tough and bring out the best in the players. They don’t need a coach who is going to baby the players like past coaches have. If Jim Harbaugh does officially become the Head Coach I will give my thoughts then. For now I am leaving it alone so I don’t look like an idiot like the rest of the reporters out there.

Speaking of looking like an idiot, Johnny Manziel has to rank right up there. He threw a party that got he and Josh Gordon into some trouble and have caused my turmoil for the Cleveland Browns. The sad thing is if Josh Gordon cared about the game a little more the Browns probably could have made the playoffs. Brian Hoyer and the Browns made some great steps of improvement this year but also have had a lot of problems because of Manziel and Hoyer. I personally believe that Johnny Football will have a short career much like Tim Tebow did. Manziel is overrated and has no business in the NFL. Maybe he can go join Tebow and be a color commentator on the SEC Network. All his career will be known for is trying to compete with Lebron James for most popular athlete in Cleveland. Sorry Johnny but even when Lebron went to Miami he was still more likable and popular then you.

This coming Saturday one of the biggest fights in the UFC will take place at UFC 182. Jon Jones is fighting Daniel Cormier and there has been nothing but bad blood since the fight was announced. I’ve seen bad blood between in the past with Ortiz/Shamrock and Lesnar/Mir and those fights were fun to watch. The UFC needs to more bad blood and rivalries because the fights are so much better when the two guys fighting absolutely hate each other. I am looking forward to starting the new year with this fights and all the other fights on UFC 182.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and has a fun time celebrating on New Years Eve. May 2015 be your year of happiness, health and hope. Be safe, be strong and believe in yourself. Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!

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