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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism- 1/11/2015

Well it’s been quite a week in the sports world and a lot of controversy found it’s way into hearts and mind of sports fans everywhere. Earlier this week I did video about Jon Jones testing positive for cocaine and entering rehab. I even started a petition to have him stripped of the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. I know athletes are human and make mistakes but there should be consequences for those mistakes. All the excuses, all the theories and the statements made by Dana White really make question the integrity and legitimacy of the UFC. I love the UFC and have since it first started 20 years ago. I really hope the UFC solves these problems and solves them before they get hauled into congress like baseball and football. Whether or not Jones is punished remains to be seen but from what I can tell the fans are split on this situation 50-50.
The Road to the Super Bowl is down to four teams now. The Colts will take on the Patriots to represent the AFC and the Packers will take on the Seahawks to represent the NFC. The Cowboys have been at the center of controversy these last two weeks.  People can say what the want but they got a lot of calls wrong in the Lions-Cowboys game on both sides but made the right call towards the end of the Packers game. Yes some of the rules in the NFL are stupid and unnecessary but until they’re changed you can’t do anything about it. I honestly think the Super Bowl is going to be the Seahawks versus the Patriots. These two teams are on a roll right now right now and they will be on a collision course in Arizona. 
Speaking of teams on a roll ever since the Detroit Pistons have won 8 out of their last 9 and it 6 out of the eight games have been won by double digits. I remember when the Pistons traded Josh Smith away. I was not happy because I thought it was a mistake. Obviously I was wrong. You have to give credit to Stan Van Gundy for getting this team back on track and getting rid of the egos. I don’t think the Pistons will make the playoffs this year but ig they can keep the core guys they have and add a few more pieces I think you will see them slowly get back into the playoffs within the next few years. 
It’s been an interesting week but next week I will have much more to talk about. We will have a College National Champion, the two teams who will play in the Super Bowl and much more. As always be strong, be safe and believe in yourself. Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!

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