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Tatsumi Fujinami 藤波 辰爾 to be Inducted into the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame

Since 1971, Tatsumi Fujinami 藤波 辰爾 has been a mainstay in Japan. From 1972-2006, he was apart of a New Japan Pro Wrestling. During his time there he wrestled the likes of Vader and Ric Flair. In wrestling Ric Flair he became the first man to hold the  IWGP and NWA World titles simultaneously. He held every title and honor that New Japan has had to offer in it’s history. He also wrestled Andre the Giant, Dynamite Kid, Sid Vicious, The Von Erichs, and Hulk Hogan. He’s wrestled anybody whose anybody in wrestling.
In 2006, he left New Japan after 35 years with the company and still actively competes regardless of his age. He is credit for innovating the dragon sleeper and dragon suplex, which are both very common moves in the American wrestling style. He is one of the biggest names that Japan has ever seen and definitely deserves this honor. Fans who don’t know anything but WWE need to watch his matches and other people who have never been apart of WWE. There were so many greats back in the territory and international days that today’s fans have never seen or heard of. He’s now another great name that spent most of his career outside of WWE and is being honored. I love that WWE is honoring guys who have had a significant impact in wrestling even though they weren’t a “WWE” guy. 
Congratulatons to Tatsumi Fujinami 藤波 辰爾 on being inducted into the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame

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