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The Corner of Controversy and Criticism: The Detroit Tigers are on Fire- 4/19/2015

When I am wrong I can admit I am wrong. If someone would have told me that the Detroit Tigers would have started of 10-2 I would have called you absolutely nuts. As a resident of Michigan I have been extremely frustrated for the last ten years as a Tiger fan. For a decade now they have had very talented teams, evolved as a franchise, and have made moves when they were needed,  They went to the World Series in 2006 and 2012. They have also won the AL Central since 2011.  For a team that I thought was going struggle on both ends of the ball they have out scored their opponents 68-35 in the first twelve games. I truly find that remarkable 
Just to prove how great the offense is here are some of the early states leaders:
Batting Average: .436 (Jose Iglesias)
Home Runs- 5 (J.D. Martinez)
RBI’s- 10 (J.D. Martinez)
On the pitching side of things here are some early states leaders:
Stikes Outs: 20 (David Price)
ERA: 0.39 (Shane Greene), 0.40 (David Price)
Wins: 3 (Shane Greene) Saves: 4 (Joakim Soria)
Now I know it’s only the first two weeks of the year but for Tigers fans who are wanting a good season and hopefully a playoff berth it is a good time to be a fan. This is where my thinking has went wrong over the last couple of years. I thought getting rid of Fister, Porcello and Scherzer were very horrible moves but they have gotten younger. They average of the team is 27 with the oldest member of the team being 40. I will say that I wish Fister and Scherzer well because they are in the National League and I do like the Washington Nationals.  How would that be for a World Series? The Tigers versus Nationals. If both teams stay healthy and focused it is a huge possibility.
My biggest issue with the Tigers has been Justin Verlander. The guy is getting paid 28 million dollar and last year his record was 15-12 with 4.54 ERA. Ever since he has been with Katie Upton he’s let the celebrity life get to him. People can say that it’s not an effect on him but look at what it did to athletes like Tony Romo, Chad Johnson, Kris Humphries, and many others. If Verlander can separate his celebrity life from his baseball life the Tigers are going to be very tough to compete with.
Two weeks into the baseball season and the Tigers are off to one of the best starts in recent memory. I personally feel like I inserted my foot in my mouth when I wrote my baseball predictions a few months ago. I didn’t even give my team a thought. When I am wrong and I am wrong. I hope I stay wrong and the Tigers dominate the 2015 Major League Baseball season! Be safe, be strong, and believe in yourself. Controversy Doesn’t Come Without Criticism!
Photo Taken By: Bri Goodyear Luginbill of The People Picture Company

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