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Kyle Busch Deserves a Chase Spot No Matter What

As everyone knows Kyle Busch did not start of the 2015 NASCAR season the way he wanted to.He crashed hard into the wall at Daytona during an XFinity race. He returned in May and has been working hard to make the chase since his return. The rules NASCAR set are that if he can crack the top 30 in points that he will be eligible to make the race. Usually I would agree with that but under the circumstances of how Busch is performing he deserves a spot no matter what at this point. 
In eight races he has three wins, and one top ten. He has had two bad races but in the other six he has ran consistently well. The fact that he has three wins is really impressive considering everything he had to overcome. I don’t think he should be punished for something that was out of his control. It’s not his fault that the other drivers on the circuit while he was gone. There were many opportunities for drivers to win a race and they didn’t. I would have had reservations about this if would have had 1 win but you can’t ignore three wins with or without the rules.
I really hope Kyle Busch does make the Chase for the Sprint Cup on points to avoid any and all arguments about whether or not he should be involved. He has seven more races to crack the top 30 in points and I truly believe he will have no problem doing so. Busch definitely has my respect and admiration for what he’s done so far during his comeback. It’s inspiring and motivational to watch someone have the great of a comeback after a major injury like Busch had, Good luck to Kyle Busch the rest of the way. Hopefully the Chase gets Rowdy when it starts in two months. 

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