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The Re-Evolution of Women in WWE

This past Monday on Raw, WWE fans across the world got a moment they were longing for. For about the last 10 years since the careers of the Lita and Trish Stratus ended the Divas Division has been the sacrificial lamb of WWE. It’s been the match to calm people before the main event, and it’s been known as the bathroom break match. The Divas have not gotten the respect that many feel they deserve. Over the last year and a half the women of the NXT brand have been making a lot noise and gaining notoriety that women in WWE haven’t seen in the years. The reason I call it the the re-evolution is because this is isn’t the first time Divas evolved. In the early 2000’s when Divas weren’t really doing much then a long came ladies like Trish Stratus, Lita, Chyna, Jacqueline, Ivory, Molly Holly, Victoria, and Jazz. Before them there was Alundra Blayze and Sable but they really had no competition for them to shine.

Since Lita and Trish ended their careers I am going to give you a list of all the women who either held the Divas or Womens title. I am going to either put good or bad by their name. Good means that they were a positive for the Divas Division and bad means they were a negative for the Divas Division:

Michelle McCool- Good
Maryse- Good
Jillian Hall- Bad
Melina- Good
Eve Torres- Good
Natalya- Good
Brie Bella- Bad at first, Good now
Nikki Bella- Bad at First, Good Now
Kelly Kelly- Bad
Layla- Good
Kaitlyn- Good
Alicia Fox- Good
Candice Michelle- Bad
Beth Phoenix- Good
AJ Lee- Good

With the majority of the Divas between 2006 and now being decent why didn’t they get put into the spotlight? May it’s because they didn’t have a good background story? Maybe it’s because they were pretty faces with forced ability and no passion? Maybe it’s because they weren’t developed in a system like the NXT women? It could be all of these things but I still think some of them would fit well in today’s Divas Division.

Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Paige all have great stories. They have all have backgrounds and they all have the passion to be the best.  A lot of people are conflicted that they were introduced by Stephanie McMahon but the words behind the introduction were powerful and inspiring. I think the Divas Division is going to become the highlight of the rest of 2015 and into 2016. If I were to rank the top 15 Divas in WWE and in NXT here is how I would rank them

1. Paige
2. Sasha Banks
3. Charlotte
4. Becky Lynch
5. Nikki Bella
6. Brie Bella
7. Naomi
8. Tamina
9. Emma
10. Bayley
11. Alexa Bliss
12. Alicia Fox
13. Dana Brooke
14. Carmella
15. Cameron

As you can see the Divas division is looking strong and will continue to get stronger. I hope they be in the spotlight at events like Summerslam, Wrestlemania and the other big events WWE produces. I honestly haven’t been this excited about women in wrestling for a long time. The future is here, now and ready to shine. It’s time for women in the WWE to steal the spotlight and steal the show. The only thing left is to bring back this:

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