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2015 NFL Week 2 Predictions

In week 1 of the NFL season I predicted 12 out of 16 games right. The games I predicted wrong were Colts/Bills, Seahawks/Rams, Buccaneers/Titans, and Eagles/Falcons. It’s early in the season but I feel like the Rams were the upset of the week and the Eagles were the disappointment of week 1. However with anything in life you can’t live backwards so it’s time move forward to week 2.
Kansas City Chiefs over the Denver Broncos
I feel like this is the tale of two worlds. Alex Smith was on fire and looked pretty impressive while on the side Peyton Manning did not look to good. I have to give it to the Chiefs due to coming out strong and being at home this week.
Atlanta Falcons over the New York Giants
Buffalo Bills over the New England Patriots
Let’s face it, Rex Ryan absolutely hates the Patriots whether he admits or not. He now has an all around great team and a fan base that is pretty passionate once again. I think it will be close but I am giving the nod to the Bills
Arizona Cardinals over the Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals over the San Diego Chargers 
Tennessee Titans over the Cleveland Browns 
Minnesota Vikings over the Detroit Lions
St. Louis Rams over the Washington Redskins
New Orleans Saints over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Pittsburgh Steelers over the San Francisco 49ers
Carolina Panthers over the Houston Texans
Baltimore Ravens over the Oakland Raiders
Miami Dolphins over the Jacksonville Jaguars
Philadelphia Eagles over the Dallas Cowboys
Green Bay Packers over the Seattle Seahawks
Indianapolis Colts over the New York Jets
There you have it folks. Week two has a few solid games that should be fun to watch. Check back next Wednesday for my week 3 predictions. 

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