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Fantasy Football Week 2 Recap (ESPN)

This week in fantasy football made me realize you can’t stick with your original team the whole entire year. It’s impossible to win your leagues if you don’t shake up your roster now and then. Here is how my week turned out in fantasy football
Grandma and Uncle Jack Memorial
Hollywood’s World of Sports (84) vs. Team Seppla (97)
Cam Newton- 26
Marshawn Lynch- 6
Darren McFadden-5
A.J. Green- 10
Brandon Marshall- 10
Greg Olsen- 7
Percy Harvin- 4
Graham Cano- 5
CJ Spiller- 1
Devin Funchess- 1
Alex Smith- 4
Owen Daniels-1 
Michael Crabtree- 17
Markus Wheaton-6
My opponent had 32 points on their bench. Any changes would have hurt them. If I would have started Michael Crabtree over Percy Harvin I would tied and made the standings a little bit more interested. They had an overall great week. Their win over puts me 0-2 in this league but some changes are underway to try and compete.
Hollywood’s World of Sports (58) vs. Team Tassell (44)
Cam Newton- 26
DeMarco Murray- 5
Chris Ivory-5
Roddy White- 0
Kenny Britt- 10
Coby Fleener-0
Percy Harvin- 4
Falcons D/ST- 3
Graham Cano-5
Dez Bryant- 0
Sam Bradford- 6
C.J. Spiller- 1
Delanie Walker- 0
Greg Jennings- 0
Doug Baldwin- 15
Jericcho Cotchery- 1
I had 23 points off of my bench. The only difference is I should have started Doug Baldwin over Roddy White. My opponent had 37 points on their bench. If they would have switched Quarterbacks and Kicker they would have beaten me easily. As you can see their a lot of zeroes on this side of things which means the always revolving door of transactions. I am now 1-1 in this ultra competitive 16 team league. Keep checking back each Tuesday for my Fantasy Football recaps and see who’s hot and who’s not. 

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