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Fantasy Football Week 3 Recap (ESPN)

It was another interesting week in my Fantasy Football world. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, sometimes you score big, and sometimes you score low. I feel like I had a little bit of everything this week. So here we go with week 3.
Uncle Jack and Grandma Memorial League
Hollywood’s World of Sports (153) vs. Team Bassackwards142 (86)
Cam Newton-29
Marshawn Lynch- 1
Chris Johnson- 27
A.J. Green- 34
Brandon Marshall- 14

Greg Olsen-25
Travis Benjamin- 8
Texans D/ST- 5
Graham Cano- 10
Alex Smith-18
Owen Daniels- 8
Darren McFadden- 9
Michael Crabtree- 3
Percy Harvin- 7
Markus Wheaton- 1

My opponents bench only had 13 points. I had a very red hot week and I know I couldn’t have done anything different and there’s not much my opponent could have done differently either. It will be very hard for me to top what I did this week in either of my leagues.

UA GR League
Hollywood’s World of Sports (82) vs. Team Herrera (118)
Cam Newton- 29
DeMarco Murray- 0
C.J. Spiller- 2
Doug Baldwin- 3
Kenny Britt- 10
Anthony Fasano- 2
Rishard Matthews- 23
Falcons D/ST- 3
Graham Cano- 10
Sam Bradford- 8
Chris Ivory- 0
Coby Fleener- 5
Roddy White- 0
Greg Jennings- 1
Percy Harvin- 6
Jerricho Cotchery- 0
My opponent had 31 points on their bench and with the amount of 0’s I had there was no way I was going to beat my opponent. My opponent made all the right moves on who they started. You can’t compete and win in these leagues if a good chunk of your players are putting up 0’s.  I am 1-2 in both of my leagues. I feel like I am gaining some momentum based on the points I am scoring. Check back in next Tuesday Night to see if I kept up on my momentum in week 4.

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