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2015 NFL Week 5 Predictions

In week 4 I predicted 9 games right. The games I predicted wrong Raven/Steelers, Bills/Giants, Raiders/Bears, Eagles/Redskins, Cardinals/Rams and Cowboys/Saints. It was definitely a weird week as there were some games that seemed like obvious choices to pick. Week 5 doesn’t get any easier so with that being said here are my predictions for week 5:
Indianapolis Colts over Houston Texans
Atlanta Falcons over Washington Redskins
Buffalo Bills over Tennessee Titans
Even though I am picking the Bills to win I will say that if they have a ton of penalities like they did in week 4 then Marcus Mariota will pick apart the Bills and their defense. I look for the Bills to be motivated, fired up and a little less stupid this week. It should be a great to watch.
Kansas City Chiefs over Chicago Bears
The Chiefs are a better team then their record shows. They desperately need a win this week to try and compete in their division. 
Cincinnati Bengals over Seattle Seahawks
One player doesn’t make the entire team but it does make a difference. Even though I picked the Bengals to win the game the defense of Seattle is stronger now that Kam Chancellor is back. I look for a close and competitive game.  
Baltimore Ravens over Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers over St. Louis Rams
Spoiler alert, the Rams are competing and knocking off undefeated teams. Green Bay is the obvious choice this week but the Rams have a way of staying in games and making them really interesting. My advice to the Packers would be don’t let your guard down and take this game lightly. Just ask the Arizona Cardinals.
Philadelphia Eagles over New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Jacksonville Jaguars
Arizona Cardinals over Detroit Lions 
New England Patriots over Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos over Oakland Raiders
New York Giants over San Francisco 49ers
San Diego Chargers over Pittsburgh Steelers

So far I have predicted 41 games right which is an average of 10 games a week. Keep checking back each Wednesday for my predictions and candid thoughts on some of the more intriguing games.

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