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2015 NFL Week 6 Predictions

In week 5, I only got three games wrong and they were Chiefs/Bears, Ravens/Browns and Chargers/Steelers. So far I have predicted 51 games correct but this week there a lot of tough games. So here are my picks for week 6.
Atlanta Falcons over New Orleans Saints
Cincinnati Bengals over Buffalo Bills
Chicago Bears over Detroit Lions
Both of these teams absolutely suck. Two overrated Quarterbacks, two horrible teams, and two coaches who don’t know what to do with their team. I just can sense the Lions not winning a game this season. It should be an interesting game to watch.
Denver Broncos over Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans over Miami Dolphins 
Minnesota Vikings over Kansas City Chiefs
New York Jets over Washington Redskins
Arizona Cardinals over Pittsburgh Steelers
Houston Texans over Jacksonville Jaguars 
Carolina Panthers over Seattle Seahawks
The Panthers first loss could happen but two big factors are weighing on this game. Marshawn Lynch is still questionable and Luke Kuechly is back for the Carolina Panthers. These are very important elements for each team but I think the Panthers will edge out the victory.
Green Bay Packers over San Diego Chargers
Baltimore Ravens over San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots over Indianapolis Colts
Tom Brady is going to get his revenge on the team that told the NFL that the footballs were deflated. I could see the Patriots doing the opposite of what the Lions are doing and that’s not losing a game this season. I don’t think Brady and Patriots have ever looked better which is scary for everyone else.
Philadelphia Eagles over New York Giants 
Those are my picks for week six and some of them were harder then others. Check back next week to see how I did and for my week 7 predictions. 

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