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Fantasy Football 6 Recap (ESPN)

When you’re in Fantasy Football it can be an enjoyable season or it be a long season. In both of my leagues it’s been long, drawn out and painful so far. I am 2-4 in both my leagues and this week I didn’t have a chance in either of them. Here are the results from both of my leagues.

Grandma and Uncle Jack Memorial League
Hollywood’s World of Sports (90) vs. Grand Rapids Sparkys (126)
Cam Newton- 19
Chris Johnson- 4
DeAngelo Williams- 0
AJ Green- 3
Brandon Marshall- 15
Greg Olsen-19
Travis Benjamin- 11
Cairo Santos- 5
Texans D/ST- 14
Marshawn Lynch- 11
Alex Smith- 16
Darren McFadden- Bye
Michael Crabtree- Bye
Percy Harvin- 0
Markus Wheaton- 0
Nothing I did would have made a difference as my opponent had a great week. Their bench scored 31 points but even if those players would have been switched out they would have still beaten me. As of this week I have scored 503 points and three games back of first place. I have a good team but they just haven’t gotten it together and the same could be said for my other league too.
UA GR League 
Hollywood’s World of Sports (78) vs. Candy Man (104)
Cam Newton- 19
CJ Spiller- 2
Carlos Hyde- 5
Doug Baldwin- 2
Emmanuel Sanders- 16
Coby Fleener- 2
Chris Ivory- 25
Falcons D/ST- -1
Josh Lambo- 8
Sam Bradford- 9
Percy Harvin- 0
Kenny Britt- Bye
Anthony Fasano- 0
Lance Dunbar- Bye
Tavon Austin- Bye
Ryan Matthews- 4
My opponent had 27 points on their bench and like my other league it wouldn’t have made a difference. My opponent’s team was on fire and could not be stopped. I have scored 473 points so far and my team is three games back out of first in the division I am in. This week was a complete disaster and I need to rebound in my both of my leagues. Check back next week to see if the disaster continues or if I can rebound from the horrible matchups I lost. 

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