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Review, Results, Recap of WWE NXT Takeover London

This afternoon the WWE Network presented another NXT Takeover special and this time it was held in London, England. I love these NXT specials but my concern with them is they keep setting the bar so high that it might get hard to please fans on a consistent basis. Before I start with my thoughts on what happened in London here are the results of the latest NXT special

-Asuka defeated Emma
-The Mechanics defeated Enzo Amore/Colin Cassidy to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships
-Baron Corbin defeated Apollo Crews
-Bayley defeated Nia Jax to retain the NXT Women’s Championship
-Finn Balor defeated Samoa Joe to retain NXT Championship

I am really disappointed that Enzo and Big Cass didn’t capture the NXT Tag Titles. They have been around longer then any other tag team in NXT tag team. Although I never thought I’d see the day that Seven Nation Army and Hey Jude would be turned into chants towards Enzo and Big Cass. I was also not really that impressed with the Divas title match. I really feel Nia Jax is just getting the attention because of her bloodline. She is green as hell and really has done nothing to be put in that spot. When she can do what Paige, Emma, Natalya, Charlotte and Sasha Banks did then I’ll be more interested in her. I think she has a bright future someday but she has a lot to learn before she gets these big opportunities again. I will say that I look forward to seeing Nia Jax get in the ring with Asuka. They teased that match up tonight and after what Asuka has done to Dana Brooke and Emma I’ll be curious to see what see does to Nia.

If you like shockers I really thought Baron Corbin going over Apollo Crews was a big shocker. Crews hasn’t lost yet on TV and Corbin has been very stale. I really thought Corbin should have been brought up to the main roster a long time ago. I view Corbin the same way I viewed Tyler Breeze. If you’re not going to put the NXT Title on him then move him up to the main roster. A couple of guys who could see the main roster soon are NXT Champion Finn Balor and his challenger Samoa Joe. I am huge supporter of both Balor and Joe and they put on one heck of a match. I am glad Finn Balor has gotten a lengthy title run so far and hope they keep feeding him great opponents. I enjoyed the main event and it was probably the best main event that NXT could give with everything that’s going on in WWE these days.

NXT Takeover London was a solid special and I really feel the fans had a huge part in making it fun to watch. Do I think it was the best Takeover? No but there are always some great wrestling matches during these events. Tonight was no different. I for one cannot wait for the NXT Takeover special that was announced for Wrestlemania weekend. I think Triple and company are going to come out guns blazing and will might even rival Wrestlemania itself with the way things are in WWE right now. For now I’ll soak in what I witnessed tonight and get ready for NXT’s Road to Wrestlemania!

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