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Review of the Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts

Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s there were so many larger then life personalities in the world of professional wrestling. One of the personalities was Jake “the Snake” Roberts. Everyone knows the story of Jake from his rise to popularity all the way to how he was portrayed in Beyond the Mat. In 2014, he was inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame by the man who saved his life which happened to Diamond Dallas Page. This documentary was more then just about a success story of one man. It was about Jake’s childhood, demons, family and others who were in the struggle with him.
I personally believe Beyond the Mat was very harmful to Jake. He was taken advantage of and was portrayed in a very negative light without ever getting the full story. It’s true that Jake was into alcohol and drugs but Barry Blaustein never bothered to get the full truth of why Jake turned to these things. The other problem I have with Barry is he never even attempted to help Jake. This is what makes this story so much different. Diamond Dallas Page owed his entire career to Jake and decided to pay him back. In the process of paying him back he helped a lot of others including Scott Hall. 
Both  Jake and Scott have had a lot high’s and low’s, up’s and down’s and they have both done a 180 in their lives. I also love how this documentary focuses DDP’s passion, heart and compassion into helping others. It wasn’t just some infomercial about DDP Yoga. It was a story about saving lives. DDP did what a lot of others couldn’t do. He saved the lives of people in his profession and people that are in the brotherhood of pro wrestling. So many have passed on because they didn’t get the help they need or they had no one reach out to them.
You learn a lot about Jake, Dallas and Scott in this documentary. You also learn a lot about pro wrestling fans and the love for their heroes. So many people begged and pleaded for DDP to help both Jake and Scott. In return when DDP asked for the fans to help them with the surgeries they need to have in order to get on the path to recovery. The support was overwhelming and it showed that pro wrestling fans love their heroes. I could go on all day long about what I saw in this movie but I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t watched it.
I’d recommend this documentary to anyone, even if you’re not a wrestling fan. It’s a story of heart break, redemption and inspiration. If you are or were a pro wrestling fan I would say to take 90 minutes out of your day and watch this story. I am so happy that Jake, Scott and Dallas all have great lives now. It gives me hope that if anyone in the pro wrestling business ever gets into trouble like addiction they have someone to turn to. The Resurrection of the Jake “the Snake” Roberts is very powerful, emotional, and very real. You won’t be disappointed after watching this documentary. Trust Me!!!

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