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Dabbin’ and Dancin’: The Misunderstood Cam Newton

When it comes to football there is no greater stage then the NFL’s Super Bowl game. How you perform in the Super Bowl lasts a lifetime and is remembered by people forever. This was the Golden Anniversary of football’s biggest game. It was Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. This game was one of the best defensive battles in the history of the Super Bowl. Cam Newton had an incredible 2015 season. His stats this season spoke for themselves. The Broncos won a hard fought battle 24-10. Unfortunately in some people’s eyes they won’t remember Cam for his incredible season. They are going to remember what happen once they left the field.
Cam Newton’s post game press conference was brief, short and to the point. A lot of people are upset with him for walking off during his interview. A lot of people have said things on social media about poor sportsmanship, him being classless, and him being a crybaby. I believe he showed great class in shaking hands with Peyton Manning after the game. As far as his attitude during the interview went I think he could have handled better. However I had to remind myself that the man is human and well have human emotions. It was the biggest game of this lifetime and he was disappointed with his performance. I think he was humbled and I think this will make him grow as a person and player. Sometimes it takes a loss and criticism to grow as an individual. This does not however make someone a bad person.
What I’ve taken issue is that people thinking Cam Newton is a bad person. Many say he is cocky, classless and arrogant. So because someone has love, passion and is having fun doing what they love that makes them arrogant? So if you love you job, have passion for your job and have fun doing your job does that make you arrogant? Did anyone ever stop and think about what happen to him last year. Towards the end of the 2014 season he was in a pretty bad automobile accident that he fortunately walked away from. Did anyone stop and think that his celebrations are away of being grateful that he was able walk away from the crash and continue doing what he loves? He loves the game of football and he makes it exciting. I see nothing wrong with him celebrating in the game he loves and is passionate about. 
Another part of his celebrations is every time he scored this season he gave a kid in the stands a game ball. I’ve heard outlandish comments on social media that he gives back to the youth because he stole a laptop when he was a Florida Gator and his father tried getting money from Colleges so Cam would play for them. He admitted that he was wrong for doing what he did at Florida and that he learned from. As far as taking money, it’s not Cam’s fault that his dad went into business for himself and damn near ruined his career for it. It’s also been said he does the charity work for good pubic relations and that he’s forced to. Hearing that statement is the most absolute outlandish thing I’ve read. You don’t do charity because you’re forced to. You give to charity because you want to give back and make a difference. Look how many kids he touched through those game balls and giving back this season. He’s done a lot of great things for his community and I have no doubt he will continue to do more great things for years to come.
I could go on and on about Newton’s stats, records and accomplishments but those speak for themselves. I think Cam is a great athlete, a great football player and a great human being. I think he will learn and grow from the experience at Super Bowl 50. This is not the last we have seen of Cam Newton in the Super Bowl. He is only 26 and has a long way to go before his career is said and done. Congratulations to Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers for a great season. It will be a season that true football fans won’t forget. 

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