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How to Fix NASCAR’s Xfinity Series

The NASCAR Xfinity Series has always been home to the stars of the future. I remember when the Xfinity Series was as competitive of the Sprint Cup Series. The Xfinity Series has given starts to some of the greatest drivers such as Bobby Labonte, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, Martin Truex Jr., Clint Bowyer, Brad Keselowski, and Kyle Busch. All of these drivers had great success in the Xfinity Series and it translated into them having great success in the Sprint Cup Series. Over the last few years things have changed in NASCAR and one of them is that drivers can only compete for championship. Drivers can no longer earn points in both the Sprint Cup and Xfinity Series. In the view of some people this has caused a lot of issues in the XFinity Series more so then it has in the Sprint Cup Series. 
There are a lot of drivers from the Sprint Cup who drive in the Xfinity Series and sometimes dominate an entire race. When a Sprint Cup driver wins a race in the XFinity Series they do not earn any points which in a way really messes up the points system for the series. Many have suggested that Sprint Cup drivers should not be allowed to drive in the XFinity Series due to having this problem. The big problem with that idea is how are you going to tell a team owner who they can and can’t put in their car? If NASCAR tried to dictate they would lose a lot sponsorships and star power which is something they struggle to begin with. Another idea I heard is if they are not racing for points then they shouldn’t win any money that comes with racing in the series. That creates another problem because why would an owner spend money to be in a race when they won’t get something in return. They would be losing money which mean eventually a team and it’s employees would cease to exist. NASCAR needs a solution but these ideas aren’t the answer
I think NASCAR should keep allowing Sprint Cup drivers to race in the XFinity Series but here’s the new rule. If you’re not racing for points then you automatically start in the back. This way you still have the sponsors, the star power and you make it more intriguing to see if the veterans can come from the back. Let’s make it a challenge for these drivers. If they want the win and the money make them really earn it. I think it would be a lot more competitive for everyone involved. I also believe keeping the Sprint Cup drivers in the XFinity Series gives a chance for the younger drivers to learn and know how certain drivers operate on the racetrack. In recent years Austin Dillon and Chase Elliot were very successful in the XFinity Series and they are starting to come into their own in the Sprint Cup Series. One of the main reasons is because they races against some very tough competition and had to find a way to beat them. NASCAR should keep the Sprint Cup Drivers, shake up the rules and keep everyone happy. I think it’s beneficial for the long term success of the XFinity Series. 
I don’t think these issues will be resolved overnight but when they do it’s going to either help the sport or hurt it to a degree where people lose interest. I don’t think the XFinity Series would survive without a handful of Sprint Cup Drivers competing in it every weekend. Hopefully NASCAR understands this and doesn’t do any irrational. I have my own ideas of how NASCAR should be fixed but that’s another topic for another day. For now lets see how the XFinity Series progresses or regresses.  

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